10 Sales Enablement Best Practices To Drive Revenue

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flowchart-311347_640 (1)Sales enablement refers to the people, process, and tools used to increase both the effectiveness and efficiency of the sales force. It is an area that has seen massive investment over the past five years. As sales grows more complex, companies are doubling down on sales enablement to hone their own sales process.


To help you with your own sales enablement initiatives, we have put together a list of 10 best practices.

1. Sales Enablement is about Creating the Environment for Profitable Growth.

How Docurated Helps: Docurated’s AI predicts and recommends the best content for reps based on data from across the enterprise. Armed with the most relevant content for each sales situation, Docurated enables you to have more precise customer interactions and ultimately grow revenue.

2. For any sales enablement initiative to succeed, you must bring about an increase in sales productivity. Sales productivity = sales efficiency + sales effectiveness.

How Docurated Helps:

  • Efficiency: Docurated boosts sales efficiency by providing reps with a Goolge-like search solution that sits on top of all enterprise storage locations, providing reps with instant access to the most relevant content right down to the page level.
  • Effectiveness: Sales receive tailored recommendations on which content to use for each specific client.
3. Equip reps with insights.

How Docurated Helps: From email to documents in Documentum, SharePoint, Box, and others, the Docurated Content Graph maps the relationships between people and information, and acts as the intelligent fabric delivering personal and contextual content for every knowledge worker. By combining massive evidenced-based inputs and analytics with powerful content surfacing using the DocuRank algorithm, Docurated makes it possible to connect people to the relevant content around them.

4. Establish winning behaviors:

How Docurated Helps: With full visibility into how content is used and which content is associated with winning deals, Docurated helps sales teams to re-use and hone winning materials. Similarly, Docurated identifies which materials underperform in the field.

5. Eliminate Blockers to Sales:

How Docurated Helps: Docurated tracks all the sales activity that takes place across your company including email, CRM, and cloud storage servers. Docurated provides users with insight into how content is used, modified, and sent to prospects. By indexing all sales activity, Docurated identifies those materials which simply do not resonate helping you to take them out of circulation.

6. Eliminate non-revenue generating activities.

How Docurated Helps: Docurated eliminates one of the biggest time-sucks in sales today which is time spent searching for and recreating lost content. Research shows that only 31% of a reps time is spent selling. Docurated sits on top of all enterprise content stores providing users with instant access to the most relevant information whenever they need it – eliminating the “where did I leave that file” routine from the office once and for all.

7. Get Results Quickly.

How Docurated Helps: Sales enablement is a mixture of people, processes, and tools. To get the buy in for your initiative, you need to introduce tools into your company that excel in three key areas of evaluation:

  • Time to value
  • Productivity impact
  • Number of Stakeholders affected

Docurated allows companies to leave its content where it lives, and leverage the existing infrastructure while scaling to support enterprise complexity. This helps companies start to see value in no time.

8. Ensure reps are using the right materials and messaging.

How Docurated Helps: Docurated mirrors all existing permissions, ensuring only the right materials are circulated. Admins can purge out of date or non-compliant materials, instantly taking them out of circulation.

The materials used in each prospect interaction are recorded helping management to hone their messaging when it underperforms.

9. Make Onboarding More Efficient.

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How Docurated Helps: Using all the right ideas, stories, and pictures from across your organization, Docurated makes onboarding easier than ever. Docurated supports peer-based learning by identifying which materials are resonating and recommending the most relevant content for each specific sales situation.

10. Duplicate Winning Behaviors.

How Docurated Helps: Docurated analytics provides reps with important content metrics like usage rates and association with a winning deal. These metrics help reps choose the most relevant materials fo each unique sales situation. Because Docurated indexes all content activity (email, cloud storage etc.), reps have insight into exactly what the top performers did to close their winning deals and can incorporate these winning behaviors into their own workflow.

Furthermore, Docurated’s artificial intelligence capabilities provide reps with content recommendations for each unique sales situation based on a range of factors like deal size, stage, industry, and historical usage. By prompting underperforming reps with key insights unique to their current situation, Docurated can help to drive revenue.


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