3 Practical Ways to Use AI to Turbocharge Sales in 2017

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As a sales leader, the beginning of a new year is an exciting time to reset and refocus. And at the same time a new year also means larger goals, a bigger quota, and more challenges.

The good news, however, is that there have been significant advancements in technology and in particular AI, that can provide organizations and sales leaders with enormous leverage points for driving improved performance.

Here are 3 Practical Ways in which top sales leaders are using AI to turbocharge their sales teams in 2017:

  1. Model out the performance of your top performers. For the first time, with AI technologies, sales leaders can actually model out the activities of their top performers — how are they engaging with prospects, what is the typical cadence, what type of content are they sending to customers, how are they driving deals from stage to stage?
  2. Provide the rest of the organization with activity recommendations based on the top performers’ proven efforts. Leaders can uplift the rest of the organization by providing contextual recommendations to the rest of the organization. For example, if a middle of the pack rep is working an opportunity in financial services, based on their specific context, AI and machine learning can be used to offer recommendations of specific tactics used by the top performers in similar situations.
  3. Identify and recommend content that drives revenue. Buyers cite the quality and specificity of content as being one of the top 2 drivers of their choice of vendor, yet most sales leaders have no visibility into which content is actually moving the needle. Finally, with AI and machine learning, you can gain insight into which content is performing in the wild and recommend that contextually based on hard evidence to users. To be clear this is not just rules based recommendations but rather real, recommendations based on empirical evidence.

To learn more about the exciting ways AI can help you drive revenue please schedule a briefing with one of our experts.

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