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Here at Docurated, we’ve been optimizing our account-based marketing strategy and we thought we’d share some of our learnings.


1 – Do it on their schedule.. The best time to interact with a target account is when they’re interested in solving a challenge, not when you need to fill the pipe. Tracking and listening for these signals is fundamental to ABM.

“About 70 percent of our revenue growth each year comes from new business with our existing clients. Our success depends heavily on relationships and connectivity, so our employees’ role in building and maintaining relationships is absolutely critical.”

Hannah Grove, CMO, State Street

2 – More is more.. To have the maximum impact from your efforts, you’ll have to cast the net wide, so traditional models need to be quickly forgotten because without a large list your results will be compromised.

“We know the buyer’s journey has changed. We knew we needed to do more online to support that and take a more targeted approach to larger accounts,”

Mathew Donoghue, Head of Marketing-Americas, McAfee

3 – Data is key to relevance.. Accurate, detailed intelligence on your targets will exponentially increase your returns. And it’s not just email contact information.. Running a successful campaign requires deep knowledge of a target’s technology stack and business model.

“First, what data is feeding your AI engine and where are you getting it? AI works best when synthesizing massive amounts of data. Just tapping into your marketing automation or CRM database isn’t enough.”

Peter Isaacson, CMO, Demandbase


Let us know what you’ve learned along your ABM journey!

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