3 Ways Enablement Leaders Can Get Quick Wins In 2017

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For sales enablement leaders, the new year brings with it new goals, targets, priorities, and plenty of pressure. Tasked with driving sales productivity, successful enablement initiatives can have a major impact on revenue. However, expensive enablement projects that do not have the desired impact on productivity can be quite harmful to the enablement leader’s career prospects.

One way project leaders can generate momentum behind their enablement initiatives in 2017 is to focus on the quick wins – those changes that are quick to implement, bring value, and impact a wide range of stakeholders.

Read on for 3 ways enablement leaders can get quick wins in 2017:

  1. Focus on Adoption, Adoption, Adoption — while many enablement initiatives start with content creators, sooner or later most of the most successful project managers have realized that the key to a successful initiative is 100% adoption and love from sales. A singular focus on the end customer is critical in both selecting a platform and in rolling it out. This means a simple and easy to use interface and often less features, not more.
  2. Next generation analytics — the first generation analytics approach was all about collecting data and analytics from the system itself; next generation analytics means going beyond the wall and collecting usage and activity data from other systems where activity is actually taking place. This includes email, content systems, all the places, interactions and tools that reps encounter across the enterprise.
  3. From rules to AI — rules were a simple way to attempt to model recommendations but, as Fergal Glynn wrote about last year, at scale, these rule-based systems break down very very quickly. With lots of data available and unlimited computing power, sales enablement leaders are employing machine learning and AI for more automated and accurate recommendations for content and activity for the infinite number of sales situations out there.

Sales enablement is one of the most challenging areas in business today. Leaders need to generate support for their initiatives from their colleagues in sales, marketing, operations, and ultimately the c-suite. Focusing on those quick wins in early 2017 can help you generate the momentum and buy-in you need to implement any wholesale changes you wish to achieve.

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