4 Killer B2B Marketing Tips From Your Favorite Halloween Movies

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Halloween is almost here and with it some of our favorite trick-or-treat movies. In celebration of All Hallow’s Eve, we thought we’d bring you 4 great, albeit unlikely business tips from our favorite Halloween movies.


You might have been under the impression that Freddy Krueger was just an unhinged lunatic who snook into people’s dreams, but, it turns out, there was a fine business mind at work this whole time. Don’t believe me? Read on for some expert B2B marketing tips from Freddy and co.

1. Hocus Pocus

We all know the tale of the Sanderson Sisters, resurrected from the grave upon a virgin’s lighting of the black flame candle. Also resurrected that night was Billy Butcherson, the zombie ex-boyfriend of eldest sister Winifred Sanderson whom Winnie had murdered after she found him “sporting” with her youngest sister, Sarah. Winnie resurrect Billy to assist her and her sisters in capturing the children who stole her beloved book of spells. But in a turn of events, when Billy finally catches up with the children, he takes Max’s knife, and uses it to cut the strings that held his mouth shut and then spat a torrent of bad names at his killer Winnie. He thereafter proceeds to assist the children in defeating the Sanderson Sisters once and for all.

When we hear the word “resurrection,” we typically think of an evil undead, unable to rest in peace, and doomed to walk the earth when it should have been left alone six feet below the ground. But “resurrection” doesn’t always have to signify something to be feared. Just like Billy, resurrecting something old can be a positive thing, especially when we are curating content. As you begin to compile a list of content, you will want to include some of your own materials that you previously published. Re-publishing, or resurrecting, your content alongside other industry leaders in content curation pieces will help boost your credibility and reputation as a thought leader. Not to mention, if your content curation goes viral, you can attract a lot more attention for your own company by including suitable materials from your own content library.

That being said, you have to be careful about which content you choose to revive. Winnie Sanderson chose poorly when selecting which body to raise from the dead. She believed Billy would assist her and her sisters in capturing the children. As it turns out, he hated Winnie and sought to aid the children in helping them to defeat the witches for good. Whatever materials you select to revive, they should be pieces that bring value to your curation pieces, and are thus beneficial to your cause. So take a moment to sift through some of your old content marketing pieces that received excellent feedback and only resurrect those pieces that are relevant, value-adding, and beneficial to your content curation piece.

Key Takeaway: Resurrecting old content can be a useful tactic especially in your content curation strategy. You can also re-purpose older, carefully selected content for use on other channels. For example, you might tweet out some interesting data points from some of your older research projects.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas

nightmare-before-christmas (1)
Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, knows how to make an event successful. If Halloween were a business, Jack would be the CEO. In Tim Burton’s classic hit The Nightmare Before Christmas, we watch as Jack tackles the business of Christmas for the first time. Like an entrepreneur with a big dream, his start up business plan is no small matter. He involves everyone in the town in the planning process in order to make “Christmas” a success. From kidnapping Santa Claus to creating scary toys, Jack seeks the opinions of every member of the town, ensuring that each and every creature contributes their unique talents to this new venture.

Just like the Pumpkin King, when you begin to tackle a new project or initiative, your business plan should involve the key stakeholders likely to be impacted by such an initiative. Throughout the process of creating and implementing your plan, you should engage with all necessary departments for their feedback. Thus, before sitting down to draft the plan document, first identify which key people you will need to consult. These individuals will have the potential to make or break your proposed project.

Key Takeaway: If you head up a new marketing initiative, make sure you engage the key internal power brokers across your company at an early stage. As thinking portfolio have explained, “people are more accepting of change when they understand why it is necessary and what’s in it for them.” Failure to communicate can result in your proposed initiative being vetoed at a later stage after investing countless hours in planning.

3. Nightmare on Elm Street

nightmare-on-elm-street-movie-theater-standee-2 (1)
In this classic horror film, the spirit of Freddy Krueger is out for revenge, murdering a number of teenagers through their dreams. A Halloween favorite, A Nightmare on Elm Street tells the story of a murderer who preyed on young children while he was alive. Although he was never convicted due to inadmissible evidence, he was later burned alive by members of the community to prevent him from attacking another child. Years go by and this vengeful spirit seeks out the children of those who killed him. Freddy Krueger is a successful villain because he targets a very specific set of victims, gets inside their heads, and attacks them in their dreams where they are the most vulnerable.

Believe it or not, businesses can learn a thing or two from Freddy. Marketers, in particular, need to know who they are targeting – as an audience though, not as murder victims. Successful businesses are able to get inside the heads of their target audience and understand what they are looking for in a product. In order to accomplish this, you should define your target audience by analyzing very specific factors that might make a company or customer a potential prospect such as type and size of business, job title, geographic location, the industry, revenue level, and job titles of purchase decision makers and influencers.

Once you know exactly who your audience is, then you can set about determining the best way to reach them. Although, let’s leave the dreamwalking to Freddy.

Key Takeaway: Freddy identified his target market before he began his campaign. Similarly, if you are charged with developing a go to market plan for a new product or service, the onus is on you to pinpoint your target market. Consider company size, location, and industry vertical. Be clear on the minimum size deal from which you can still derive a profit for your new product. For more on this, check out Chuck Cohn’s excellent guide to target market identification in Forbes.

4. The Craft

Troubled teenager and outcast Sarah Bailey enrolls at a new school where she falls in with a trio of outcast girls who all share an affinity for witchcraft. As they progress in this art, they soon learn to conjure up spells and curses against those who anger them, including each other. It doesn’t take long for the trio to turn against Sarah, killing her boyfriend and cursing her with spells.

Whether you are a start-up or an industry leader, you need to build solid relationships with other leaders in your industry. Successful business are not outcasts; they are involved. Don’t be afraid to venture out and meet your business’ potential influencers. Building a highly influential relationship with thousands of influencers takes time. As such, if you are a startup, your marketing plan should include strategies to connect with people who already have that influence. Try connecting with journalists and community leaders, who are a great source for finding more influencers.

Key Takeaway: Getting the attention of key industry influencers and thought leaders can help you gain traction when it comes to content marketing and getting your voice heard in an overcrowded market. Unlike Sarah however, you need to make sure that you team up with influencers and partners you can trust. Before seeking out companies or influencers for co-marketing opportunities, make sure that there is no conflict of interests in either parties value message. Ideally, you will partner with companies whose insights align with your own and focus on the industry need that your product solves. For more on the benefits of c0-marketing, check out SimilarWeb’s expert guide.


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