5 Ways to Utilize Docurated (Nearly) Everyday

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Screen-Shot-2013-12-24-at-8.35.23-AM-1-compressedEver noticed how small tasks in your workflow seem to take an unnecessary amount of time? Often, you can spend ten or twenty minutes sifting through hundreds of thousands of files just to access a document that you only need for two seconds. It can add up to hours of inefficiency and lost productivity. Docurated is working to give you that time back. Here’s five simple ways to use Docurated to streamline your workflow:

  1. Access Files Offsite — Easily access your servers from anywhere with a web connection by simply pointing your browser to Docurated (Much easier than using the VPN)
  2. Access Files on Your Phone — There’s an app for that (of course)! iOS app link
  3. Google Docs Integration — Indeed, Docurated will include your google docs in any keyword search
  4. Search Only Your Team’s Folder —By using “Topics” in the left toolbar, you can select to search only among your team’s folder which is mapped to your team’s folders on the server, eliminating hundreds of thousand of files down to only the most relevant and cutting out all the excess other teams’ junk
  5. Quickly Find Old Files — Ever find yourself saying “Where’s that bio/headshot for Lourdes?”; “Where’s that list of SBS success stories?”; “Where’s that grumpy cat gif I accidentally saved to the server?”? Well, problem solved with a simple Docurated search

Follow these tips and you’ll find out just how seamless Docurated can make your workflow.


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