54 Free Online Training Resources to Learn the Consultative Selling Process: Top Sales Training Videos, Courses, Techniques and More

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Consultative selling isn’t necessarily a new concept, but it is one that’s growing in popularity as traditional, product-based and seller-focused sales methodologies are falling short and losing effectiveness with today’s savvy consumers. Consultative sales takes the high pressure out of sales and places the sales professional in a problem-solving, consultant role with the goal of identifying customer needs and presenting ideal solutions for win-win outcomes.


Many organizations are embracing the consultative sales approach and transforming their sales teams from traditional to consultative roles. Consultative selling is often described using a number of different terms and branded trademark names, such as needs-based selling or solution-based selling, but they all refer to the same approach of working collaboratively with customers in a problem-solving role in lieu of the traditional approach of presenting features and benefits and pushing for the sale.

We’ve scoured the web in search of the best, most valuable, and most comprehensive free, online training resources to help you and your sales team learn about the consultative selling process. You’ll find a mix of full training modules, mainstream sales programs, sales training videos, online courses and more with a slant towards consultative sales, and vast resources sections with a plethora of consultative sales knowledge.

Note: The following resources are not listed in any particular order. Numbers are used to provide a simple point of reference, but do not imply that any one resource is better than the others included here. Based on our research, these 54 resources represent some of the most valuable and comprehensive free resources for information on the consultative sales methodology.

1. The Accidental Salesman


Richard White, a.k.a. The Accidental Salesman, provides a free mini-course to help you master the consultative sales process. It’s video-based and less than 14 minutes long, but promises to “give you the insights you need on consultative selling and will get you thinking about it in a whole new way.”

Key Features:

  • Video-based mini-course
  • Under 14 minutes
  • Provides a new way of thinking to help you master sales
  • Win sales without being pushy
  • Learn to master sales meetings


2. Portland Community College


Portland Community College has partnered with Growth Development Associates (GDA) to offer online, self-paced sales training programs for busy professionals. Introduction to Consultative Selling is one of several free, online programs offered, providing an overview of consultative selling methodology. According to the course description, this program actually shows you how to use the consultative sales process, while others merely tell you what to do.

Key Topics:

  • The Structures of Selling
  • The Elements of the Planned Sales Call
  • Establish rapport
  • How to ask questions to determine need
  • Presenting solutions
  • Overcoming objections


3. Sales Growth Specialists


Sales Growth Specialists’ “Sales Training: Transactional vs. Consultative Selling” is a great training resource to learn about the key differences between transactional and consultative selling. Written by nationally recognized sales management and leadership expert Danita Bye, this is a solid resource to add to your training arsenal.

Key Topics:

  • The Customer within the Customer
  • The Salesperson as an Advisor
  • The Salesperson as Solution Finder


4. Skillstudio


Skillstudio is a great source for comprehensive, free information and training to help improve your sales skills. There’s ample information up for grabs here of use to sales professionals, such as media training, communication skills, and presentation skills. You also can sign up for a free Presentation Skills e-course.

Key Topics:

  • Presentation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Networking skills
  • Sales for non-sales people
  • Media training
  • Public speaking courses


5. Business Balls


BusinessBalls.com offers a comprehensive set of sales resources, encompassing everything from selling methods to sales techniques, partnership selling, the seven-step sales process, and more. Included in this free training resource is a complete section on consultative sales and Neil Rackam’s SPIN Selling® model, one example of a defined consultative sales process.

Key Topics:

  • Glossary of sales and selling terminology
  • Product offer models
  • Guide to selecting sales training providers
  • Visitor-contributed sales tips


6. The Sales Board


The Sales Board is a leading source of sales training resources and certification, offering a variety of fee-based training programs. But you’ll also find an abundance of free resources here, including a series of articles on “Using the Best Sales Process.”

Key Topics:

  • Asking for commitment
  • Classic selling errors
  • Building trust through asking questions
  • Prospecting strategies
  • Commitment objectives
  • Building loyalty
  • Price considerations and selling your price point


7. MTD Sales Training Specialists

MTD Sales Spec

MTD Sales Training Specialists provides an abundance of sales training resources, both free and paid. Download the Free Sales Skills Toolbox to get started learning about a variety of sales tactics and processes, including asking the right questions to uncover customer needs and wants, a key component of the consultative sales process.

Key Topics:

  • Overcoming the economy objection
  • Getting past the gatekeeper
  • Overcoming price objections
  • Asking the right questions to determine needs and issues
  • How to design your own cold calling script
  • Building up the value of your product or service


8. Udemy


Udemy has a wide variety of courses available, both free and paid, including a slew of content on sales. New courses are being added regularly, and you’ll find topics spanning a broad range of sales skills and sub-topics, including sales techniques for entrepreneurs, social selling techniques, effective customer communication, persuasion skills, and more that will help you hone your consultative selling prowess.

Key Features:

  • Multitude of free and fee-based courses
  • Simple search function
  • Sort by proficiency level, cost, and other metrics


9. Theresa Delgado – Build Rapport Like A PRO E-Course


One of the key characteristics of any successful sales professional is the ability to build rapport. The more easily you can build rapport with potential customers, the better you’ll be able to uncover needs and present your products or services as solutions to their problems, and that’s the core of consultative sales. Theresa Delgado’s “Build Rapport Like A PRO” e-course will teach you valuable communications skills you can use in your everyday business communications and sales meetings to build better relationships and close more deals.

Key Features:

  • Delivered via email
  • Each lesson provides a new rapport-building skill
  • Tips for implementing learned techniques in everyday situations


10. Engage Selling Solutions


Colleen Francis is a sales expert and Founder and President of Engage Selling Solutions, where she provides a plethora of content designed to help you get your sales strategies in shape. While you’ll find plenty of valuable information on improving communications and honing your sales skills in the form of articles, videos, and other content, you can also sign up for a free, seven-day intensive video e-course featuring Colleen’s best sales advice for modern professionals.

Key Features:

  • How to double your prospecting productivity
  • Close 80% of deals without compromising on price
  • A key idea to improve closing ratios
  • Six attention-getting tactics to generate loyalty and drive sales
  • How to break out of a slump
  • 10 pipeline-building techniques to shorten your sales cycles


11. Taylor Mason Training & Development


Taylor Mason Training & Development partners with Learn Direct to offer more than 300 e-courses for professional development, including a variety of sales topics and communication skills courses to aid professionals working on their consultative selling skills. Courses are fee-based, but affordable, and you can try them out for free.

Key Topics:

  • Key account management
  • Core negotiation skills
  • Strategic marketing
  • Negotiating for results
  • Dynamite sales presentations
  • Telephone techniques
  • Facilitation skills


12. Rapid Learning Institute


Get instant access to more than 70 sales training lessons in minutes at Rapid Learning Institute, and you can get full access completely free by taking advantage of a free trial. It’s a full, 24/7, online training portal that enables sales managers to create customized learning tracks for individual sales reps based on previous experience and proficiencies, with topics encompassing building relationships, handling objections, prospecting, sales discovery, after the sale, and more. Trainings are just six to 10 minutes long, so you’re not pulling reps out of the field for weeks at a time, plus you get ready-to-use tools for sales coaching and training sessions. The Rapid Learning Institute website is also home to a host of other free resources like newsletters, tutorials, and sample video trainings.

Key Features:

  • Newsletters
  • How-to tutorials
  • Sample training videos
  • Webinars
  • 6-10 minute training videos
  • Customizable learning tracks
  • More than 70 sales training lessons


13. Natural Selling


Natural Selling offers a free, seven-day e-course providing valuable skills and lessons about many of the core tenets of consultative selling. In fact, Natural Selling is based on the philosophy that conventional sales methods are flat-out ineffective and can actually foster distrust with your key audiences. Instead, Natural Selling focuses on asking questions, knowing when and how to present your solutions, and eliminating objections and rejections by tossing out high-pressure techniques and allowing your customers to persuade themselves.

Key Topics:

  • The number one cause of objections and rejections
  • How to change your outcomes
  • The power of asking questions
  • The magic of listening
  • How to allow prospects to persuade themselves to look at your solutions


14. Made for Success


At Made for Success, you can sign up for courses from leading authors on a range of personal and professional development topics. Within the sales category, you’ll find courses on persuasion, negotiation, prospecting, tips for sales newbies, customer service, and much more. Made for Success is a great resource for learning effective sales strategies straight from some of the world’s best-known authors. While most programs are fee-based (at affordable rates), you can get access to a special course on public speaking for free.

Key Topics:

  • Sell to Anyone with Zig Ziglar
  • Ultimate Customer Service
  • Persuasive Selling and Power Negotiation
  • Becoming a Sales Pro with Tom Hopkins
  • The Power of Prospecting
  • Sales Mastery Academy
  • So, You’re New to Sales with Bryan Flanagan
  • Presentation Masters
  • Persuasive Selling & Power Negotiation


15. HubSpot: Winning a Consultative Sales Process


HubSpot offers a variety of training opportunities for both existing and prospective HubSpot customers. Run by a HubSpot Channel Account Manager, the “Winning with a Retainer Based Sales Process” course teaches participants the basics of the consultative sales process and methodology and showcases examples of businesses that have implemented a consultative sales process with success. An archived, full version of the course is available for viewing free of charge.

Key Topics:

  • Consultative sales process and methodology
  • Examples of businesses adopting this technique
  • The two most critical components of the sales process
  • Free, downloadable tools to aid your sales processes


16. LatitudeU


LatitudeU is a great resource for finding free, online sales training courses offered by leading publishers. From increasing sales through customer loyalty to selling through online networking, doubling your revenue, and developing exceptional sales people, you’ll find plenty of valuable resources to enhance your consultative sales program.

Key Topics:

  • Double Your Business in 12 Steps
  • Perfecting Your Positioning
  • High Impact Marketing for Startups and Small Businesses
  • 7 Ways To Be Recognized As An Expert
  • Get Others To Promote You For FREE
  • Building Customer Loyalty


17. Education Portal


Education Portal is a comprehensive database of more than 8,500 courses. You can take courses for college credit, professional development, or just to enhance your knowledge in areas that interest you. With a variety of courses covering sales and marketing principles and practices, you’ll find plenty of information to ramp up your consultative selling skills through categories like Consumer Decision Making and Selling and Pricing Strategy, which provide in-depth knowledge that helps you understand your customers and uncover hidden needs. Get full access with a free trial, then, unlimited access to video lessons is just $49.95 if you want to continue learning. For a great background and introduction to consultative selling, check out “Consultative Sales: Definition, Process & Techniques.”

Key Topics:

  • The steps of the selling process
  • Pricing strategy
  • Price elasticity
  • Consumer motivation
  • Understanding the consumer decision-making process
  • Consumer psychology and the buying process
  • Brand familiarity and the purchase process
  • Buying behavior and marketing


18. Northern Arizona University – The Consultative Selling Presentation


Richard G. McNeill’s detailed Consultative Selling Presentation is an excellent training resource providing the foundational knowledge necessary to master the consultative selling process. Beginning with the history of the sales process in the United States, this resource covers the evolution of sales through modern-day, solution-based or needs-based sales processes that emerged in the post-industrial era. From buying theories to consultative sales best practices and processes, The Consultative Selling Presentation provides a comprehensive background on consultative sales.

Key Topics:

  • Complete history of the sales process in the U.S.
  • Selling benefits
  • Six steps of the consultative sales process
  • How to formulate and ask questions
  • Negotiating buyer resistance


19. Kutztown University Small Business Development Center


Kutztown University’s Small Business Development Center offers a virtual sales training module covering concepts such as establishing your sales strategy and budget, honing your sales presentation skills, preparing sales forecasts and going it solo. It’s a video-based module with both a visual presentation and guided discussion and a good introductory resource for sales professionals and entrepreneurs.

Key Topics:

  • Establishing your sales strategy
  • Questions to ask yourself
  • Preparing a sales forecast
  • Establishing a sales budget
  • Contingency planning: the solo approach
  • Sales presentation skills


20. UCIrvine OpenCourseware: The Elevator Pitch


Chris Van Dusen, a writer and speaker for entrepreneurs and startups, guides you through the process of creating a clear, succinct elevator pitch in 140 characters or less in this free resource offered through the UCIrvine OpenCourseware portal.

Key Topics:

  • Capture attention meaningfully and authentically
  • Give an effective pitch in 140 characters or less
  • Formulate the most succinct and relevant elevator pitch for your business


21. The Sales Business


A free-access sales training system, The Sales Business is under development and will soon offer “a complete sales training facility with videos, scenario-based exercises, and other useful resources.” At present, you can access a series of videos that break the selling process down into manageable steps and helps you overcome common pitfalls encountered at each step. With a focus on asking questions, uncovering needs, and presenting solutions, this training program is aligned with the consultative sales approach.

Key Topics:

  • Sales Essentials
  • Ready to Sell
  • How To Ask Probing Sales Questions
  • Using A Confirming Question To Find Closing Points
  • Matching Your Offer To Your Prospect’s Needs And Wants
  • How to Close Sales And Win More Business
  • Presenting Benefits: How To Build Desire In Your Prospects
  • Selling Up: How Sales Professionals Do It
  • Selling Across


22. The Sales Resource Center


The Sales Resource Center is an online portal with more than 455 sales training units with measurable results through quizzes, simulated action plans to promote changed behavior, individual assessments and learning action plans, and more. A low monthly subscription gets you full access to all the training units, but you can try a course out for free and subscribe to The Sales Resource Center’s newsletter for free tips and tools to improve your sales skills.

Key Features:

  • Quizzes and assessments
  • Individual learning and action plans
  • 23 learning action plans to choose from
  • Multiple-lesson courses
  • 151 Sales Development Pods


23. Peter Droubay’s Free Sales Training Course


Peter Droubay has authored dozens of sales courses and is known as “America’s Most Effective Sales Trainer.” He offers a slew of resources for both sales professionals and sales managers at SalesTrainer.com, including ample free resources, but you can grab six modules from his best-selling “Mega Sales: The Professional Sales Training Series” at FreeSalesTrainingCourse.com.

Key Topics:

  • An Understanding of Sales Psychology
  • Six Personal Standards to Raise
  • Multiple Methods for Generating High Quality Sales Leads
  • How to Create Interest for Your Products and/or Services
  • Ways to Focus Your Sales Presentations on Benefits
  • How to Handle Objections


24. Growth Development Associates


Both general and industry-specific online courses are offered online by Growth Development Associates. You can access a free demo sample, and the Introduction to Consultative Selling course is free regardless of industry. GDA also offers webinars, customized training, and business consulting.

Key Topics:

  • Introduction to Consultative Selling
  • Establishing Rapport
  • Creating Interest
  • Questioning for Needs
  • Presenting the Solutions
  • Closing for Commitment
  • Handling Objections
  • The Logical Selling Process
  • Selling Value


25. SellingPower – Consultative Selling Strategies


Selling Power Magazine features a power training module on Consultative Selling Strategies based on an interview with Michael Bosworth and John Holland, the co-founders of CustomerCentric Systems and the co-authors of CustomerCentric Selling. In this resource, the three steps to transitioning sales reps from sales people to consultants is covered, along with a comprehensive introduction to consultative selling and how to implement these concepts into your company’s sales processes.

Key Topics:

  • Basic concept of consultative selling
  • Why product-oriented selling falls short
  • Three steps to turning salespeople into consultants
  • Asking diagnostic questions
  • Sales Manager’s Training Guide


26. About.com Consultative Selling Techniques


About.com’s resident sales expert, Wendy Connick, takes a deep dive into Consultative Selling Techniques, making the connection between consultative selling and the way professionals such as physicians and attorneys discover the needs of their clients. You’ll also find a variety of other sales-focused content encompassing many of the core concepts behind consultative sales.

Key Topics:

  • Do your research
  • Present yourself as a problem-solver
  • Building rapport
  • Presenting the solution


27. SalesHQ


Jonathan Farrington provides his view on consultative selling and the key components of the consultative sales process in this free resource at SalesHQ, the premier community for sales professionals. In addition to an overview of consultative sales, Farrington provides other articles on topics such as buyer motivation, the key to achieving sustained sales growth, performance-impacting beliefs, and more. An entire section is devoted to providing sales tips from leading sales professionals, and you can also interact with fellow sales pros in the discussion forum.

Key Features:

  • Browse or submit articles
  • Participate in discussions with fellow sales pros
  • Access training quizzes


28. RAIN Group


RAIN Group provides a complete, 18-part sales training course free, along with its Rainmaker Report e-newsletter, which provides ongoing tips and advice for honing your sales proficiencies. Each weekly lesson contains guidelines, quick tips, and strategies with practical, actionable advice you can put to use immediately to boost sales.

Key Topics:

  • Craft and communicate your value proposition
  • Most common mistakes sellers make, according to buyers
  • How to build rapport and earn trust
  • Creating urgency to encourage buyers to purchase
  • Effective lead prospecting
  • Filling your pipeline with qualified leads


29. CommLab India


“Effective Sales Skills – How to be a successful Salesperson” is a free course that introduces students to the selling process and outlines key sales tactics and strategies. CommLab India is a “total eLearning solutions provider that helps organizations to create engaging elearning experiences for their employees, thereby maximizing their Return on Investment (ROI) on trainings.” The free sales course provides a full-spectrum introduction to sales from prospecting to overcoming objections and closing deals.

Key Topics:

  • The complete sales process, from prospecting to closing
  • The techniques required to make a sale
  • Communication skills
  • Asking the right questions
  • Understand customer needs and overcome objections


30. ValueSelling Associates


ValueSelling Associates is a leading source of sales training and information. While there are a variety of customized training programs available to teach your team about the value-selling process, you can also sign up for free webinars covering a topics relevant to modern sales professionals. Or, browse through previous webinars for on-demand, free access to slide decks and full presentations.

Key Topics:

  • The key to selling value
  • Handling objections
  • Closing the gap between the sales process and buying process
  • Qualifying prospects
  • Customer retention


31. Learning Outsource Group Resource Library


Learning Outsource Group is a provider of sales training solutions for businesses, but their resource library is chock-full of value-added insights for sales professionals and sales leaders. Much of the content is focused on sales transformation and building powerful sales teams, with topics such as total quality sales management, leadership development, and building high performance teams in a transitioning industry, all imperative in the shift from product-focused sales to the consultative sales process.

Key Topics:

  • Building High Performance Teams in a Transitioning Industry
  • Sales Training – A New Model
  • Sales Transformation Roadmap
  • Talent Audit Leadership
  • Analysis of the Potential of Total Quality Sales Management
  • How to Select a Sales Force That Sells


32. Singularity Group ManagerZine


Singularity Group helps companies create and drive strategic ideas and plans to action through planning processes, skill building, and measurement. The ManagerZine is an excellent resource for sales leaders, covering many topics of importance for managers leading teams through the transformation to a consultative sales approach. This particular white paper discusses the shift to consultative sales and some obstacles that face sales professionals in the WalMart culture.

Key Topics:

  • How consultative selling continues to work
  • Being a consultant in a WalMart world
  • Missing customer expectations
  • Defining your value
  • Finding your opening


33. The Baron Group


The Baron Group is a provider of sales training solutions which also offers a selection of free resources in various formats, including a newsletter and archives, public workshops, and articles with valuable insights on overcoming common challenges, presenting your value, and more topics of interest to sales professionals who want to develop consultative sales skills.

Key Topics:

  • Don’t Sell—Solve
  • Teaching Salespeople the Five ‘Ws’ and the ‘H’ of Sales Call Planning
  • The Real Selling Starts After You Get the Business
  • Using Cross-Function Teams to Boost Sales
  • The Problem Solving Selling Connection


34. ROI4Sales


ROI4Sales offers sales software solutions for businesses, but their selection of white papers are a great place to start learning about topics central to consultative sales. From articulating your value to the discovery process that helps you identify and overcome common pitfalls that make you lose deals, these white papers are a valuable training resource for sales professionals, both new and experienced. You can also sign up for a free newsletter for ongoing sales tips delivered to your inbox each week.

Key Topics:

  • The Value Hypothesis
  • Building Your Business Case
  • Building a Sales Toolkit
  • Great Discovery is the Key to Not Losing
  • Can you Articulate your Value?


35. Sales Performance International


Sales Performance International focuses on solution-based selling, another term commonly used to describe the consultative sales process. In fact, Sales Performance International is the provider of training solutions registered with the Solution Selling® trademark. The company offers consultative services, but the website is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in learning about consultative sales with free webcasts, articles, and other information and advice on the Solution Selling® framework.

Key Topics:

  • Understanding the evolved buyer
  • The three distinct sales roles
  • Buyer-aligned sales processes
  • Selling in the era of collaboration


36. Huthwaite


Huthwaite’s “Selling Consultative Services” article discusses how research has shown consultative sales to be an effective process that drives results by emphasizing a collaborative approach and understanding that sales is a process, rather than an event. An accompanying white paper can be downloaded for free, and you can browse related live workshops taking place across the U.S. on SPIN® 2.0 (a model created by Huthwaite), Buyer Focused Prospecting™, and more. A full resources section includes articles, white papers, and other multimedia covering a variety of topics related to buyer-focused sales processes.

Key Topics:

  • SPIN® Selling
  • Buyer Focused Prospecting™
  • Creating value
  • Lead scoring
  • Social selling


37. MindTools


Mind Tools is an online portal with tons of personal and professional development resources with a focus on leadership, management, and personal effectiveness. This particular resource focuses on consultative sales, with a comprehensive introduction to the consultative selling process, detailed guidelines on how to prepare, dealing with objections and closing the sale. MindTools allows users to add resources to a personal learning plan, so this can be combined with other information on communications, negotiations, and influence for a more comprehensive training module.

Key Topics:

  • Preparing for a sales call
  • Guidelines to follow during your sales pitch
  • Dealing with objections
  • Closing the sale


38. Consultative Selling: The Hanan Formula for High-Margin Sales at High Levels


Consultative Selling: The Hanan Formula for High-Margin Sales at High Levels is actually a book, and a quite well-known and highly regarded one, at that. But you can access it in full via Amazon.com for free. If you decide to buy it, you can score the Kindle version for $0.99.

Key Topics:

  • Consultative Positioning Strategies
  • Consultative Partnering Strategies
  • Consultative Proposing Strategies


39. Alison: Understanding Your Customers to Drive Sales


In this free online course led by Tien Tzuo, Chief Strategy Officer with Salesforce.com, salespeople will learn the value of moving from direct-marketing campaigns to online marketing. Because the consultative selling process is about understanding the customer and putting his needs first, this course is a fantastic resource for individuals seeking to understand the 21st century customer.

Key Features:

  • Focuses on addressing customers who leaern about new products and services online
  • Explains the necessity of designing a layered product
  • Describes the importance of providing free trials and post-sales service
  • Certificate of Completion is available upon completing the course


40. SalesBuzz: Voicemail Sales Scripts, Tips & Strategies Webinar


As CEO of SalesBuzz.com, Michael Pedone certainly understands how to turn prospects into sales. In this 20-minute on-demand cold calling webinar, Michael describes how to get more voicemail callbacks and turn potential sales into closed deals. For consultative selling, you need to know the needs of the customer, and being able to leave a voicemail that addresses those needs is key.

Key Topics:

  • Why voicemails fail and solutions for it
  • Word-for-word voicemail sales scripts
  • How to use email to help enhance your voicemail


41. Brian Tracy International


Brian Tracy

As CEO of Brian Tracy International and world-renowned author and speaker with a deep knowledge of the psychology of selling, Brian Tracy offers several free online resources for sales professionals. From the Brian Tracy International site to Youtube videos, salespeople will find Brian’s resources to be helpful and easy to understand, to get a better grasp on what it means to use the consultative selling process.

Key Features:

  • Free Sales Success Newsletter
  • Free Everyone Is a Salesperson 15-Page PDF Report
  • Free Video Trainings
  • Free E-Book, Goals!
  • Free Webinar: How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author


42. Sales Training and Results, Inc.

Sales Training and Results, Inc.

Sales Training and Results, Inc. (STAR) provides online sales training programs in two formats: customized online training and sales training online and on-demand. The sales training online is divided into five series, and each series contains free online training sessions. These sessions are perfect for sales professionals beginning to learn the consultative sales, as they focus on key topics associated with the process.

Key Topics:

  • Essential Selling Skills
  • Sales Negotiation Skills
  • Customer Service & Support


43. SalesTrainer.com



SalesTrainer.com offers resources for sales managers and sales professionals with on-site training, customized packages, sales coaching, and more. Their free resources are a great place to start with consultative selling, because they are available as reports, articles, videos, audio, and sales courses from Peter Droubay, Sales Trainer CEO.

Key Features:

  • Receive free weekly tips from SalesTrainer.com training programs delivered by email or text
  • Free Sales Training Report Library available for download or to be read online
  • Free six-day sales course covering sales psychology, personal standards to raise, multiple methods for generating high quality sales leads, and more


44. National Sales Center

National Sales Center

Nick Moreno, a global sales training leader, seeks to help sales professionals increase sales performance by offering powerful sales training through the National Sales Center. Nick believes in Sales Technology, rather than traditional sales training, and his methods are in line with the consultative selling process, as he promotes keeping things simple and getting back to the roots of selling from the field and getting to know your customers.

Key Features:

  • Free sales training videos
  • Free sales training tips
  • Free sales training articles
  • Free sales tracking tool


45. Sales-Training-Sales-Tips.com


Sometimes, the best sales training comes from people who currently are working in sales. That is the case with Stephen Crane, a working sales manager who also happens to be a corporate trainer, of Sales-Training-Sales-Tips.com. Stephen strives to teach selling techniques that are current, tested, and proven with real prospects, and he has seen the power of consultative selling by connecting with prospects and leads to turn them into loyal customers.

Key Features:

  • Free sales training eBook, Motivators & Connectors
  • Free newsletter magazine, Sales Buzz
  • Free sales and motivation workbook course, Need to Close Chains


46. National Association of Sales Professionals


National Association of Sales Professionals

By joining the National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP), you get access to their Career Center, Sales and Marketing Library, and other resources that will help you in your quest to increase sales. The articles in the Sales and Marketing Library, alone, are terrific resources for beginning to learn about the consultative sales process.

Key Topics:

  • A real definition of consultative selling
  • How to master the art and science of consultative selling
  • How to learn, teach, and sell in sales


47. Richardson: Defining Consultative Selling



Richardson’s online sales training program is geared toward consultative selling in a way that few others are. From the program’s clear-cut definition of consultative selling with its true marks of a consultative salesperson to its introductory video, Richardson offers some of the best resources available for sales professionals looking to develop their consultative selling skills.

Key Features:

  • Consultative Selling Curriculum Guide available for download
  • Introducing Consultative Selling video
  • Complimentary eBook, A Leader’s Guide to Successfully Sell with Insights
  • Register with Richardson and gain access to the hundreds of complementary resources and tools located in Richardson’s Resource Center


48. Consultative Sales Academy


Consultative Sales Academy

Monkia D’Agostino, founder and Chief Consultative Sales Officer of Consultative Sales Academy, believes that her European roots have helped her immensely in the sales world, because she knows the value of people. By putting the client first, she has developed a successful consultative selling process that she shares through executive coaching and consultative sales training for professionals, small business owners, and other professionals with sales responsibilities.

Key Features:

  • Newsletter delivered by email
  • Online videos
  • Free consultation and initial assessment
  • H.I.D.D.E.N. method for consultative sales


49. The Next Level Sales Consulting

The Next Level

The Next Level Sales Consulting offers both traditional resources for sales training and TNL On-Demand, an online e-learning program to learn best practices from top sales professionals. Simply subscribing to The Next Level means that you can access their valuable sales resources, including best practices and sales insights. Or, before you are ready to commit to a subscription, explore the Sales Insights to access the current newsletter, white papers, sales tools, and more. With all of the resources available from The Next Level, sales professionals are sure to find some materials that will help them in their quest to become consultative selling pros.

Key Topics:

  • Closing techniques
  • Steps of the consultative sale
  • Tips on staying motivated while prospecting


50. Vision Group


Vision Group

The Vision Group makes every effort to highlight and use the human connection in its sales methods, and that includes in its online training resources. By understanding the prospects’ needs, sales professionals are able to improves sales performance and shorten the sales cycle, among other things. It is this idea of putting the customers’ needs first that sales people need to understand if they are going to be successful consultative sellers.

Key Topics:

  • Consultative selling helps discover compelling needs
  • Gain trust then business
  • Rediscover connecting
  • Consultative selling in B2B

51. Tom Abbott

Tom Abbott

Tom Abbott is a sales and sales leadership thought leader and social selling pioneer of evolving sales through social media. He shares eight rules of consultative selling in his SlideShare, 8 Golden Rules of Consultative Selling.

Key Topics:

  • The value of complete product knowledge
  • The need for a clear understanding and roadmap of your sales process
  • The importance of not underestimating your customer’s knowledge
  • The need to share solutions instead of list features

52. Harrison Consulting

Harrison Consulting

Clive Harrison, sales and marketing improvement specialist, is managing director of Harrison Consulting. Their Consultative Selling Skills eBook provides practical guidance for the professional salesperson or account manager and includes templates, tools, models, case histories, examples, and much more for consultative sales training purposes.

Key Topics:

  • The consultative selling relationship
  • Top-tier selling
  • Anticipating common questions from upper-level management
  • The buyer’s point of view
  • The three phases of consultative selling

53. Fáilte Ireland

Failte Ireland

The National Tourism Development Authority of Ireland, Fáilte Ireland supports the tourism industry and works to sustain the country as a high-quality, competitive tourism destination. In their Top Tips for Consultative Selling webinar, Fáilte Ireland describes consultative selling as an invaluable tool for any salesperson, but especially for those in tourism.

Key Topics:

  • Getting in front of more and better prospects
  • Developing a confident sales mindset
  • Carrying out a needs analysis
  • Proposing and closing

54. Dr. David Bozward

Dr David Bozward

Dr. David Bozward is a senior lecturer in entrepreneurship at the University of Worcester. Described as a “serial technology entrepreneur, educator, mentor, and authority on international youth entrepreneurship and education with over 20 years entrepreneurial business experience,” Dr. Bozward shares consultative sales training tips in this video, sponsored by LinkedIn.

Key Topics:

  • The value of gaining a complete understanding of clients’ problems and creating an intelligent, effective solution
  • The need for collaboration and trust in business relationships
  • Gaining the mindset of a consultant
  • How to focus on prospects and clients rather than on winning the sale

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