Addressing Inefficiency: Docurated State of New Business Report

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State of new business cover shotLast week, we released the very first State of New Business Report. With the agency in mind, the report aimed to improve awareness around the challenges facing new business teams. We also wanted to pinpoint some of the key drivers of agency inefficiency. In addition to the report, we put together an executive summary that hones in on some of the most critical organizational inefficiencies prevalent in agencies today.


Over the course of the report, the full extent of the productivity challenge agencies face today began to emerge. Legacy content repositories have started to look like veritable digital landfills, meaning agencies now struggle to effectively retrieve relevant content. We also highlighted a number of key industry trends:

  • New business teams manage archives containing over five years’ worth of content and more than 200,000 documents.
  • New business associates waste on average 6.5 hours per week searching for old RFP responses and content.
  • Agency pitches and proposals contain a significant percentage (82%) of repurposed content.
  • 15% of executives ranked investing in new business enabling initiatives as an imperative.
  • The most commonly used storage repository for new business teams is the good old file server, used by over 77% of all teams.

The report found an industry awash with data.
Legacy file systems meant to handle megabytes, not terabytes are still widely used. While the productivity challenges agencies face may initially seem daunting, our report does go on to develop a helpful roadmap to address these issues. Each area of concern that we have highlighted comes with a set of associated recommendations to guide agencies towards effective data management. We have condensed the most pivotal information from our report into an executive summary which can be downloaded here. Alternatively you can download the full report here.


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