Innovate Or Get Left Behind

The same forces that disrupted so many businesses, from steel to publishing, are starting to reshape the world of advertising agencies. The pattern of industry disruption is familiar: New competitors with new business models arrive; incumbents choose to ignore the new players or to flee to higher-margin activities; a disrupter whose service was once barely good gets established in the middle of the market, undermining the position of leaders and often causing the “flip” to a new basis of competition.

To compete and win in today’s disruptive world Agencies need to think about their business along these 2 dimensions:

  1. Customer Centricity: The customer-centric organization is tailored and personalized across everything it does, from client relationships to new business to service delivery and IT.
  2. Thought Leadership: You have a mountain of intellectual capital locked away across personal silos. Don’t throw that knowledge away, instead turn it into an institutional asset with a verifiable ROI.

The Cost of Not Transforming

Frustrated customers and lost deals0%
Employee Inefficiencies0%
Intellectual Capital Waste0%

How Docurated Helps

Account Management

Present better ideas to clients. Respond to inquiries quickly and accurately. Effectively share work and materials across Account, Planning and Creative.

Strategic Planning

Aggregate your team’s research and media in one location. Concentrate on developing insights and ideas, rather than managing documents.

New Business

Spend less time researching, more time winning new business. Pitch better and more often. Instant access to the best and most relevant information for RFPs.



Client Work Presentation

Docurated allows your account team to instantly find and reuse the best pages, paragraphs, slides, charts, and images from work previously created by your agency, freeing up hours to generate better ideas for new customer presentations.

Organize Teams

Gathering assets from multiple departments takes time. Find past work examples instantly.

Reuse Powerful Graphics

Extract charts, graphics, and images from old responses to quickly create new assets.

Leverage Successful Work

Use content from past, successful pitches as guidance and quickly repurpose material, regardless of format or file location.


Docurated reduces the time teams spend searching for content by up to 80%, freeing everyone to focus on more strategic activities. Along with creating more time for high-value tasks, Docurated enables your staff to discover and easily repurpose high-quality content that is often hidden and forgotten in content folders.

Organize Demographic Information

Easily organize information about various user and audience groups. Quickly identify key demographic trends.

Track Competitive Landscape

Centralize analysis of industry competitors in one place and leverage the collective work of your entire organization.

Maintain a Dynamic Brief

Keep design and creative teams informed of client products and services, industry changes, or changes in business objectives.


Docurated indexes content from multiple departments and offices enabling Planning, Creative and Account teams to instantly share and use ideas and content, ensuring your entire organization is informed and empowered to win new business.

Drive a Cohesive Strategy

Learn how much and what type of content to create.

Control Message

Control your message to the market and understand exactly what your sales team uses.

Simplify Workflow

Docurated is simple. There is no manual organizing, tagging, uploading and distribution.


Track Consumer, Competitor and Industry Trends

Docurated search delivers the most relevant, current, and frequently used pieces of information across your entire organization. With just one search, everyone can get on the same page and be prepared to make critical decisions.

Organize Collective Data

Compile research and findings from your entire team into one collective knowledge base and easily find and reuse information.


Organize research using industry, company, demographic, and geographic categories to provide quick access to relevant information.

Leverage Auto-indexing

Docurated indexes and categorizes your company’s information, improving search results.


Pitch More Often and With Better Results

Docurated solves one of the biggest issues faced by agencies today. It delivers one simple and visual way to find the exact page a person needs for an RFI or RFP. A process that can take hours shrinks to 5 minutes.

New Business Hub

Docurated indexes assets across all of your agency repositories, making them searchable in a visual interface.

RFI and RFP answers

In just seconds, Docurated delivers the exact pages, paragraphs and images associates need in order to complete RFIs and RFPs quickly.

Discover great work

Docurated will surface the most powerful content from across all of your agency work, past and present.

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