AI For Sales Will Challenge Your Thinking [Video]

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On our blog last week, we released a post explaining how AI for Sales Will Challenge Your Thinking. One of the key points of the post was that while AI has the potential to revolutionize B2B sales, sales leaders must embrace AI and “let go of how we’ve historically worked. Decades of working with personas and playbooks across many silos has created habits that are difficult to break”.

In the above video our VP of Marketing, Fergal Glynn, explains how Docurated’s machine learning technology can leverage historical activity, content, and outcomes to predict the best slide to use in each unique sales situation.

AI – The Hottest Topic in B2B

In this video, Fergal explains:

  • What AI for sales content actually means.
  • How AI can be used on a day to day basis in B2B sales.
  • How it is time to move away from the standardized corporate deck.



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