CIOs Guide to Strategic IT Planning

Strategic planning is the cornerstone of any CIO’s tenure in the C-suite. An organizational management activity focused on business goals and designed to prioritize goals, allocate resources to the most critical objectives, and enable departments and the company as a whole to work towards a...

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Carol Margolis

23 Sales Pros Reveal the Biggest Challenges for Enterprise-Level Sales Professionals (and How to Overcome Them)

Selling for the enterprise is similar to selling for SMBs in many ways, but it also presents some distinct challenges for sales professionals. Selling to the enterprise audience requires gaining an understanding of the multitude of gatekeepers and potential decision-makers that exist, as well as...

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Channel Sales Strategy Management

Managing Your Channel Partner Sales Strategy: 6 Best Practices for Success

Developing an effective channel partner sales strategy is essential for modern sales organizations. Channel partner programs are the key to scaling sales efforts and maximizing revenues. But an ineffective or mismanaged channel partner program can have detrimental impacts on your company's bottom line and actually hinder...

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22 Project Management and Sales Pros Reveal the Top Considerations in Buying Document Management Software Tools

Document management software is quickly emerging as must-have technology for modern enterprises, particularly in today's content-driven culture. Companies demand tools that enable them to organize, curate, categorize, and discover content and other documents such as contracts in a central location to fuel not only a myriad of...

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