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Webinar imageDocurated’s upcoming webinar deals with one of the most pertinent issues facing IT executives today. It execs are under more pressure than ever to facilitate the implementation of successful solutions for their enterprise. With a crowded SaaS marketplace and end-users who demand greater functionality, choosing the most suitable enterprise solution can be difficult. The biggest challenge is not just picking a solution, but ensuring a successful roll-out and adoption. There is an increasingly fine line between success and failure. Succeed and you become a hero. Stumble and the finger pointing begins.


For our upcoming webinar we have brought together two industry experts to tell us how to become a hero or heroine CIO. With a combined industry experience of close to 40 years, David Goldberg and our own, Alex Gorbansky can offer some valuable insight into the application roll-out and adoption process. David Goldberg most recently worked as Vice President of Global Technology at the Wasserman Media Group. A formidable industry professional, David previously served as VP of Operations and Technology for Quixote Studios, where he lead technology planning and implementation, operational process improvements and facilities growth. Before that, he was VP of Technology for MullinTBG Insurance Agency Services and has held other senior positions at Filmtrack, Heavenspot and Genex. He has worked internationally, including Chello Broadband in the Netherlands and as a Communications Officer in the U.S. Air Force in Italy, Turkey and the Middle East. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications and Classics from the University of Colorado, a Master’s in Information Management from Washington University in St Louis and a Master of Aeronautical Science/Operations degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Docurated founder and CEO, Alex Gorbansky brings a wealth of industry experience to the discussion.Alex Gorbansky Alex co-founded and scaled Frontier Strategy Group, the leading global emerging markets information services provider for multinationals. He also worked with the Taneja Group, EMC, and Loudcloud which now goes by the name Opsware. Throughout his career, Alex has focused on cloud-based software and emerging server technologies while performing in a variety of different roles including product management, strategy, marketing, and sales. Since founding Docurated, Alex has been regularly sought after by leading media outlets to give his opinion on the latest industry trends.

Our participants couldn’t be more qualified to tackle one of the most important challenges facing IT executives today. Successful application roll-out and adoption can potentially define a CIO’s tenure. With the margin for error growing smaller by the day, IT executives can not make any decisions lightly. The application selection process must be informed and well-researched. Our expert team will shed some important light on application selection, adoption, and roll-out in today’s fast-paced business landscape. IT executives facing crucial upcoming decisions can gain some vital insight from two forward thinking industry leaders.

Access our webinar today to hear some first hand experience of the highs and lows of cloud roll-outs. Items up for discussion include how to identify new applications worth evaluating; setting up a POC and managing expectations; how to measure engagement and value; the role of IT and managing end users requests.

  • Date: Wednesday, April 23
  • Time: 12:00 PM EDT
  • Duration: 30 minutes with discussion afterwards
  • Access here!
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