7 Key Benefits of Online Document Management

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Document search and retrievalOnline document management has grown in importance considerably over the past decade. The volume of content companies store today is absolutely enormous and it continues to grow. This data explosion has brought with it a number of unforeseen consequences underlining the need for effective document management:


  • Knowledge workers including those in sales and marketing can no longer find relevant content.
  • Outdated and non-compliant materials are still being accessed and presented before prospects.
  • Knowledge workers are being overwhelmed by the huge volumes of content and simply use their go-to materials instead – which may or may not be relevant to the task at hand.
  • Version control has become a nightmare. Lengthy email chains with the latest version of a particular document are not an effective way to equip your team with the right materials.

With such an obvious need for innovation in the area of document management, a number of online tools have emerged each claiming to solve the document management crisis. To help you decide which tool is best for your situation, we have put together a list of the benefits online document management tools can provide your company with. We have also earmarked the particular capabilities you should look out for as you set about implementing a document management solution in your organization.

1. No More “Where Did I Leave That File”

what is a document management systemOnline document management software can eliminate the “where did I leave that file” issue that seems to plague every office. However, be careful as you choose which software to implement. Many document management solutions will claim that they will solve this issue, but often times, it is a case of wishful thinking.

To truly eliminate the time wasted searching for content, you need to look towards the next generation of document management solutions which share certain similarities with what would traditionally be considered enterprise search software. These document management solutions are not simply another repository to put your content in. Instead, these solutions can act as an intelligence layer that sits on top of all enterprise content repositories and provides you with a single access point to all enterprise documents regardless of where they are stored.

The key point to remember here is that document storage is and always will be heterogeneous. Steer clear of document management services that promise a magic, centralized location for all your content. This is simply unattainable. The likelihood is that your content is already stored across a number of locations like file servers, shared drives, company wikis, email, and cloud storage services. Now, imagine the amount of manual work to move all the content from these locations to your new document management platform – it is ridiculous. Instead, focus on document management solutions that connect to all your repositories.

2. Get Document Recommendations

Sales today has grown more complex than ever before. Think about all the factors which shape each sales situation: region, industry, deal size, use case, product offerings, prospect pain points, deal stage, and competitor positioning to name but a few. With so many moving parts and permutations involved in each deal, traditional document management solutions will no longer cut the mustard. Machine learning has grown in sophistication to the point where the leading vendors in the document management space are now leveraging it to make data-driven document recommendations to sales and marketing users.

The beauty of this approach is that it gets more effective the more it is used. By marrying sales data with content, the best document management systems can help you close more deals by identifying the most relevant pieces of content for each sales situation.

3. Closed Loop Reporting

digital document managementCompanies continue to increase their investment in content. As a result, it has become more important to demonstrate some content or document ROI. Online document management software can help you demonstrate the ROI on your content investment by showing you which documents were used in winning pitches and which materials failed to resonate. This information is vital and will help inform your future go-to-market strategy.

4. Present Documents Online

Document management software allows you to present your content to prospects through the platform itself. These services eliminate the worries over powerpoint versions and other potential technical hiccups. You will also be able to place on record which materials were presented before prospects and how the prospect interacted with them.

5. Create New Presentations Easily

electronic document management tipsDocument management software can also help you to mash together the best and most relevant piece of content for a perfectly tailored presentation in minutes. Each sales situation is unique and many times reps will have to pull content from a variety of presentations to meet the specific needs of their next prospect. Clipboard capabilities which allow you to copy and paste the various pieces you need are vital for today’s sales and marketing users.

6. Eliminate Version Worries

Online document management software can help you to eliminate versioning worries. The best in class document management solutions come equipped with auto-purge functionality to help you take outdated and potentially non-compliant material out of circulation.

7. Simplify Your Workflow

Online document management software can also help you to simplify your workflow. Older document management solutions will require manual upload and tagging of documents from one repository to another. This document strategy is totally outdated however and instead you will require a solution that actually simplifies your workflow by integrating with other key enterprise tools like Salesforce, Slack, and all enterprise repositories. You want your users to work with the tools they are most comfortable with. Any solution that disrupts existing workflows is very unlikely to succeed with users who have high expectations and little time for tools that do not offer them an obvious benefit.

As you search for an online document management solution, you should ensure that the vendor you choose can provide you with the above capabilities.


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