Must-Try Content Marketing Software: The 50 Best Tools for Creating Engaging Content and Maximizing Your Content Reach

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Content marketing impacts everything for modern sales and marketing teams. Content assets fuel your marketing campaigns from social media to email, attract leads, and support lead nurturing campaigns as your prospects move through the sales funnel. In other words, content is the glue that holds your many marketing and sales efforts together.


We’ve talked about content management tools and even content curation tools. But as a content marketer, there are myriad tasks that may land on your schedule. What tools should you turn to for marketing and amplifying your content? What if you need to create a presentation on the fly or a graphic visualization to support other materials or post with a social media status update?

We’ve rounded up a collection of 50 content marketing tools we think are valuable additions to a content marketer’s toolkit, from powerful enterprise-grade platforms that automate content amplification to sophisticated tools that help you identify and engage influencers or create incredible interactive content experiences, as well as a few simple-yet-amazingly-useful tools for quickly creating content assets that look like they were made by a professional designer (even if Photoshop is your nemesis). 

Note: These tools are not ranked or rated in any particular order, but we have listed them in alphabetical order for easy navigation. If content marketing is your game, you’ll find at least a few tools on this list that you can put to use to create compelling content and engage a broader audience.



It’s one thing to create amazing content; creating amazing content at scale that’s also on-brand and on-target is another. That’s where Acrolinx comes in. Built on an advanced linguistics engine, Acrolinx helps brands make exceptional content at scale by actually “reading” content and offering guidance to your writers to make it even better.

Key Features: 

  • Analyzes thousands of dimensions that make your content unique
  • Analyze your style, readability, SEO, and tone
  • Define personas, words, phrases, and brand tone
  • Real-time feedback to guide writers

Cost: Contact for a quote



Beegit is a collaborative writing app for the web, allowing dispersed teams to work cohesively on crafting exceptional content. With your team, calendar, communication, and workflow all in one central location, all your collaborative writing tools are now in one place.

Key Features: 

  • Inline comments in documents
  • Markdown editor
  • Content workflow
  • Editorial calendar
  • Image CDN
  • Team management


  • Individual Plan: FREE – Unlimited projects, 10 uploads/month to image CDN
  • Basic: $29/month – Up to 5 team members, 2GB CDN image hosting
  • Plus: $49/month – Up to 10 team members, 5GB CDN image hosting
  • Premium: $74/month – Up to 15 team members, 8GB CDN image hosting
  • Max: $99/month – Up to 20 team members, 10 GB CDN image hosting



Spend less time managing content and more time driving results with BrandpointHUB’s central collaboration platform for content marketing. Get all your essential tools for planning, creating, reviewing, publishing, and measuring the effectiveness of your content all in one easy-to-use platform.

Key Features: 

  • Capture ideas, themes, keywords, and personas
  • Manage all your content deliverables on a single calendar
  • Review content, comment, and track revisions
  • Publish to your own platforms or to your clients’
  • Tie to Google Analytics and social media monitoring tools to measure engagement

Cost: $50/seat/month



Video is one content marketing medium that can no longer be ignored. In fact, video marketing has been shown to increase time on site by 105 percent, double conversions, and boost organic traffic by 157 percent. If you’re looking for a comprehensive tool for creating high-quality video experiences, managing, and measuring your video marketing campaigns, look no further than Brightcove.

Key Features: 

  • Upload, manage, and publish videos quickly
  • Video players, video portals, live events, and more
  • Analyze video performance
  • Easily integrates with marketing tools like CRM, CMS, and marketing automation tools
  • Social network integration to expand your reach
  • Built-in lead capture features and analytics

Cost: Contact for a quote



When you need professional-quality graphics, presentations, and other visuals, but you’re no designer and your design team is swamped, where to turn? Canva’s incredibly easy-to-use features are intuitive for anyone to use, allowing non-designers to create professional-quality social media graphics, infographics, e-book covers, and more.

Key Features: 

  • Design tutorials for creating professional graphics
  • Professional layouts and templates
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Millions of images
  • Hundreds of fonts
  • Free icons and shapes


  • FREE to use
  • Stock images and some elements $1/each



A digital marketing acceleration platform, Captora is the ideal solution for brands ready to take their content marketing campaigns to the next level. Captora’s Hadoop-based infrastructure and machine learning capabilities deliver actionable insights and recommendations, creating the ideal marketing enablement environment to achieve pipeline growth like never before.

Key Features:

  • Hadoop-based infrastructure for processing exabytes of data
  • Recommendation engine based on machine learning
  • Scalable, secure cloud infrastructure
  • Identify content opportunities and demand gaps and prioritize resources
  • Real-time buyer and competitive intelligence
  • Scale and optimize digital campaigns and associated content

Cost: Contact for a quote



An interactive content creation platform for marketers and designers, Ceros is a powerful tool for creating interactive e-books, infographics, microsites, sales assets, and even magazines to engage your audience. No coding skills are necessary to create amazing experiences with Ceros.

Key Features: 

  • An arsenal of animation and interactive effects
  • Total creative freedom in the Ceros Design Studio
  • Link directly to Ceros-hosted content, host on your own service, or embed in third-party sites and apps
  • Analyze how viewers engage with your content on a granular level
  • More than 150,000 SVG icons
  • Time-triggered events
  • Smart groups and pinned objects

Cost: Contact for a quote



ClearVoice is an entire content ecosystem, from discovery tools to a creator marketplace and tools to streamline your production workflow. Generate fantastic content ideas, build your team of subject-matter experts and creatives, and build your editorial calendar seamlessly with ClearVoice.

Key Features: 

  • Collaborate and discover content ideas in IdeaLab
  • ClearVoice Marketplace to recruit and hire creatives
  • Create your editorial calendar, assign tasks and set publish dates
  • Post completed content directly to your site or share with industry influencers
  • Measure creator performance


  • FREE: IdeaLab, influencer search, editorial calendar
  • Pro: $48/user/month – Complete workflow, creator management, integrated payment system
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote – Agency version, legal/compliance workflow, and more



An API-first CMS that delivers content flawlessly to every screen, Contentful allows marketers to finally, completely adapt to the multi-device world with ease. It’s content-centric, not page centric, meaning you can structure content your way without worrying about fixed, predefined templates.

Key Features:

  • Developers can manage content with code via an API
  • Non-technical editors can manage content with simple web apps
  • Content stored in entries with modular, flexible fields
  • Create any kind of content template
  • Content management and delivery are decoupled at the infrastructure level
  • Real-time document editing
  • Implement your own custom content management workflow
  • Preview content on devices before publishing


  • FREE: 3 editors, 1k content entries, 100k API requests/month
  • Plus: $99/month – 5 editors, 5k content entries, 1M API requests/month
  • Pro: $199/month – 10 editors, 10k content entries, 2M API requests/month



Get your employees engaged in sharing your content and promoting your social media campaigns with Contentivo. Generate employee advocacy while rewarding those who participate in your marketing initiatives and reach 10-50 times your audience.

Key Features:

  • Provide pre-approved content and make it easy for employees to share
  • Tags help employees search for promotions quickly
  • Add notes to provide additional info for promoters
  • One-click consent for easy sharing to personal social networks
  • Reward employees with points for sharing
  • Convert points to real-world rewards


  • Starter: $49/month – Share up to 400 updates, 25 employees
  • Pro: $99/month – Share up to 1,000 updates, 50 employees
  • Premium: $199/month – Share up to 3,000 updates, 100 employees



You need to get your most valuable content in front of your audience, and social media is one of the most effective ways to do so. But manually scheduling posts across multiple social networks is time-consuming, not to mention the task of keeping track of what’s been shared and when to schedule the same content to run again. Edgar solves all these problems with an automated social sharing platform that allows you to create content categories and your own custom schedule, automatically re-sharing your content again for maximum exposure.

Key Features: 

  • Write social updates and categorize them in your library
  • Build a limitless library over time
  • Updates are created and published on a schedule you choose
  • Never run out of messages and keep your social profiles active
  • Works with Facebook profiles, pages, and groups, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles and pages


  • Starter: $49/month – Store up to 1,000 posts, connect with 10 social media accounts
  • Premium: $99/month – Store up to 5,000 posts, connect with 25 social media accounts

Everyone Social

Everyone Social

Take employee advocacy to the next level with Everyone Social, an easy-to-use platform that encourages employees to share approved social content, build their own personal brands and establish authority in your industry, and aid your marketing team in reaching a broader audience with your brand content.

Key Features: 

  • Industry-leading content engine for simplified content curation and social sharing
  • Connect teams across your organization
  • Workflow and approval automation
  • Make it easy for employees to find and share the best company content
  • Position your team members as thought leaders
  • Amplify your brand presence through word-of-mouth discussions led by employees
  • Analytics dashboard for optimizing your employee advocacy programs

Cost: Contact for a quote



Gravity is a recommendation engine for content and native ads. Help your users find compelling content on your website and engage with relevant native ads, which both enhances user engagement and generates incremental revenue. With truly personalized content and native ads, your visitors have a richer experience. For advertisers, Gravity helps you to drive discoverability through personalized native content distribution at scale.

Key Features: 

  • Personalized, 1:1 targeting
  • Reach engaged users, not audience buckets
  • Proprietary User Interest Graph technology
  • Deliver native content fluidly across screens
  • Get access to exclusive publisher inventory
  • +240% engagement lift with personalization targeting

Cost: Contact for a quote

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a completely new kind of presentation software, making telling your brand story simple, beautiful, and fun. Designed for the way we work, connect, and communicate, Haiku Deck makes it easy to follow best practices and create inspiring presentations.

Key Features: 

  • Start with a simple PowerPoint presentation or outline and Haiku Deck Zuru does the rest
  • Automatically searches the net for Creative Commons images and adds proper attribution
  • Three privacy settings: Private, Restricted, and Public
  • Turn plain presentations into more polished, appealing designs


  • Edu (Educator): $5/month
  • Pro: $10/month
  • Volume: $100/month – 25 users



Hemingway is a handy content marketing tool to keep in your back pocket. When you don’t have time for heavy manual editing and need to create compelling content on the fly, Hemingway saves the day and helps you make your writing bold and clear.

Key Features: 

  • Highlights long, complex sentences and common errors
  • Notes passive voice
  • Marks adverbs
  • Highlights sentences too complex for readers
  • Grade-level readability scoring
  •  Write or edit within the desktop app


  • FREE web version
  • Desktop editor (for Mac and PC): $9.99



With inPowered, you can discover and promote the most engaging content about your brand. Whether you want to extend buzz following a big PR launch, shift consumer perceptions by promoting content with the right sentiments, or influence buying decisions, inPowered helps you discover the right content and amplify it for desired results.

Key Features: 

  • Crawls 3 million+ articles daily
  • Find the best content to promote
  • Ranks each writer based on social shares
  • Curate discovered content into native ads for amplifying key messages


  • FREE stream setup
  • Native ad campaign costs vary
  • Contact to schedule a demo



The prominence of content marketing means that every brand is a publisher. With Issuu, brands can create and publish engaging, topic-oriented publications to grow your readership.

Key Features: 

  • Customize the look of your reader
  • Automatically converts URLs to active links
  • Schedule publication release days up to 30 days in advance
  • API tool for automating uploads, customizing integrations, and more
  • Choose your privacy level and download permissions
  • Pixel-to-print
  • Advanced statistics to analyze what readers are reading and sharing


  • Basic: FREE – Upload publications, mobile optimized
  • Plus: $26/month – Unlimited uploads, standalone reader, limited statistics, ad-free
  • Premium: $35/month – Customize your reader, social controls, advanced statistics



With Jive-x, you can launch online communities your audience will love. Companies use Jive-x to better engage and serve millions of customers and partners. It’s an out-of-the-box external community application for connecting, communicating, and collaborating with customers and partners to provide amazing brand experiences and drive brand affinity and repeat business. Jive-x increases customer satisfaction by 30% while reducing content creation costs by 70% and improving call deflection rates by 40%.

Key Features: 

  • Easy to customize and deploy
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Integrates seamlessly with your CRM and marketing systems
  • Videos, media-rich blogs, shared files, public and private groups
  • Interactive discussions and live events
  • Capture, share, and discuss great ideas from your customers
  • Manage all your online conversations in one place
  • Point-and-click analytics

Cost: Contact for a quote



Create content hubs with relevant content that allows your visitors and prospects to learn and engage at their own pace with LookBookHQ. By making it easier to package related content together in an intuitive way that’s easy for visitors to navigate, you make it easy for potential buyers to binge on your content, a feat that’s impossible using the standard, scheduled drip approach common to content marketing campaigns.

Key Features: 

  • Accelerate the path to purchase with orchestrated content experiences
  • Get actionable insights into what visitors are reading or watching
  • Support primary assets with related assets
  • Promote multiple content assets in a single session
  • Map out the journey with timed content promotion
  • Create visually engaging microsites
  • In-depth engagement metrics reveal precisely how users engage with content

Cost: Contact for a quote



Enterprise content planning has never been simpler with MarketMuse, with tools to help you make better content decisions, boost lead quality, and management. Speed up your content workflow while improving the quality of your content at the same time for better results.

Key Features: 

  • MarketMuse Keyword Relevance Engine™ generates relevant topics and computes relevance to your focus keywords
  • Compare contextually related topics to your content to identify gaps
  • Identify topical gaps on your website
  • Insert missing topics into your existing content
  • Find low-quality content and get recommendations for improvements


  • Pro Marketer: $495/month – 1 domain, 10,000 pages
  • Agency: $1,495/month – Multiple domains, 50,000 pages/domain
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote – Multiple domains, unlimited pages



Find out what content will work best on your social media channels with Mentia. With the ability to plan messages ahead, save messages to your archive, and share popular messages with your audience, Mentia simplifies social media promotion and helps you get more traction from your content.

Key Features: 

  • Identify what content is engaging your audience
  • Supports content from Twitter, Google+ and Instagram
  • Share to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Rewrite popular messages or share them directly
  • Save messages to your archive so you always have a list of topics to write about
  • Plan messages ahead to save time managing social media


  • FREE
  • Mentia Pro: Starts at €249/month – filtered content that’s popular with your audience, custom reports, and more



Mind mapping is often touted as one of the most effective ways to brainstorm ideas for content assets, and MindNode makes it easier than ever to create a visual representation of your ideas. With an infinite canvas, you can create as many mind maps as you like and take them with you anywhere, as they sync across all your devices.

Key Features: 

  • Infinite canvas – create unlimited mind maps
  • Cross-connect nodes from different main nodes
  • Add images and highlights
  • Mind maps automatically arrange themselves, so you can focus on content
  • Export mind maps to an open format, text file, or image
  • iPhone, iPad, and Mac compatible

Cost: $9.99 on the App Store

Mr. Social

Mr. Social

Post the right content at the right time and save tons of valuable time managing social media. Mr. Social acts like a personal social media assistant, finding trending content and interesting status ideas and publishing them on the ideal schedule to maximize reach. Additionally, each of your social media updates (and associated content) get more mileage as Mr. Social re-uses your content and posts it during time slots you choose.

Key Features: 

  • Schedule and forget it
  • Content buckets for re-using old content
  • Finds interesting, trending content relevant to your audience
  • Get status ideas
  • Round-the-clock scheduling
  • Post varied types of content throughout the week for increased reach and engagement
  • Only posts you approve get published


  • 1 Virtual Assistant: $20/month
  • 5 Virtual Assistants: $30/month
  • 15 Virtual Assistants: $100/month


Ninja Outreach

Influencer marketing is a part of many content marketing campaigns, allowing brands to connect with influential bloggers and social media users to get their messages to a wider audience. NinjaOutreach is a feature-packed influencer marketing platform that allows you to easily find thousands of influencers in a fraction of the time. Really, it’s a multi-purpose marketing tool with helpful features for lead generation, content promotion, content research, blogger outreach, and much more.

Key Features: 

  • More than 4 million influencers in the database
  • Find thousands of bloggers or business leads in your niche in seconds
  • Filter by tags like bloggers, influencers, and companies
  • Search Twitter and Instagram influencers
  • Filter, sort, and add influencers to lists
  • Manage your contacts with your team, including notes, tags, email history, and RSS feed
  • Segment lists for each campaign; tag by client or relevant keyword for easy tracking
  • Team collaboration
  • Filter down by 25 different metrics
  • Chrome extension for adding websites to lists as you browse
  • Personalize templates; contact influencers via email


  • Blogger: $29/month – 1 user, 1,500 contacts
  • Small Agency: $49/month – 2 users, 5,000 contacts
  • Large Agency: $129/month – 4 users, 25,000 contacts
  • Enterprise: $249/month – 10 users, 100,000 contacts



Personalized, repeat engagement with your content across channels is a common goal among many marketers, yet it’s difficult to achieve using standard, manual content marketing tactics. A complete and connected platform for making content personalization and repeat engagement work seamlessly across channels, OneSpot is a must-have tool for content marketers.

Key Features: 

  • Recommend content based on a user’s history and preferences
  • Remarket your content across display, mobile, and social
  • Personalize branded content in emails based on user history across other channels
  • Drive new, targeted users to relevant content
  • Simple, tag-based implementation
  • Integrates with popular CMS, ESP, DMP, and CRM platforms

Cost: Contact for a quote



When it comes to promoting your content to a broader audience, Outbrain is a powerful tool. By recommending your content on some of the most respected media properties, such as CNN, People, and ESPN, Outbrain enables you to reach and engage new audiences, bringing new prospects to the top of your sales funnel.

Key Features: 

  • Flexible, pay-per-click model
  • Grow traffic to your blog, articles, and mobile-optimized or video content
  • Find the right audience for your content at the right time
  • Advanced testing and conversion tools


  • You control your budget
  • Set a daily budget ($10 minimum)
  • Pay only for visits you receive



Percussion is a CMS designed for content marketing. Easily create and manage content-rich, SEO friendly websites, update your content without technical skills, and shorten time-to-publishing with the content management platform made just for content marketers.

Key Features: 

  • Empower contributors while enforcing editorial and brand integrity
  • Measure content effectiveness and SEO with Percussion’s marketing dashboard
  • Integrate Google Analytics, marketing automation, real-time personalization, A/B testing tools, and more
  • Apply business rules for personalization
  • Target website visitors based on their behavior
  • Multi-site, multi-channel capabilities (blogs, social media, databases, web applications)

Cost: Contact for a quote



PixxFly is an all-in-one solution for content marketing, including content distribution, syndication, publishing, PR, video, research, and content performance measurement. From managing and automating your social media management to creating interactive, multi-media experiences with video and podcast marketing, PixxFly does it all.

Key Features: 

  • Upload content and schedule distribution to social media with one click
  • Add your RSS feed to pull new content into PixxFly automatically
  • Distribute press releases to thousands of news sites, journalists, and databases
  • Measure the effectiveness of each piece of content
  • Turn videos and podcasts into interactive, customizable multi-media experiences
  • Easily share social media status updates and links
  • Connect to 14 popular social networks
  • Reach up to 50,000 PR endpoints


  • Pro: $49/month – 100 searches, 25 syndicated content pieces, 10 distributed pieces of content, 100 social media posts
  • Plus: $149/month – 250 searches, 75 syndicated pieces, 20 distributed pieces, 250 social media posts
  • Enterprise: $299/month – 600 searches, 200 syndicated pieces, 50 distributed pieces, 600 social media posts



Create presentations that stand out and are unforgettable with Prezi. Strong visuals are essential for compelling storytelling, and Prezi’s open canvas allows presenters to adapt presentations on the fly by fast-forwarding to the bottom line or zooming in on important details.

Key Features: 

  • Library of customizable templates
  • Import media you already use in presentations (supports all popular file types)
  • Follow pre-set paths or create your own
  • Work collaboratively in one real-time version
  • Accessible across all your devices
  • Offline presenting capabilities


  • Enjoy: $4.92/month – 4GB
  • Pro: $13.25/month – Unlimited storage, image editing tools, work offline
  • Teams: $13.25/month – Prezi Training, central account management

Rainmaker Platform

Rainmaker Platform

A complete website solution for powerful marketing and sales, the Rainmaker Platform allows you to create powerful, content-driven websites, start membership programs, sell digital products, and more.

Key Features: 

  • No worrying about updates, plugins, or broken themes
  • Mobile-responsive HTML5 themes, landing pages, and membership areas
  • Research and optimize your content
  • Reach out to other site owners
  • Host a complete podcast network from your website
  • Keyword, social, and trend research
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Easily create lead forms and generate reports
  • Learning Management System for creating digital courses


  • Rainmaker Standard: $79/month
  • Rainmaker Pro: $125/month – Learning Management System, Marketing Automation

Rapt Media

Rapt Media

The fastest and easiest way to create world-class, interactive videos, Rapt Media will change the way you engage your audiences online. Turn viewers into participants and interactions into insights with an immersive video experience.

Key Features: 

  • Rapt Media Composer, a cloud-based creative tool and editing suite
  • Copy and paste embed code to deploy Rapt Media Project
  • Clickable interactive layer to cue or launch different media, trigger an event on your webpage, or other actions
  • Customizable UI
  • Video clips play beautifully across devices
  • Custom analytics to track video performance

Cost: Contact for a quote

Resonance HQ 

Resonance HQ

A content retargeting tool that keeps your message in front of people who have visited your website, Resonance helps to make your visitors aware of the content that’s most relevant for their next step in the buyer’s journey. Show visitors new, engaging information to guide prospects through marketing steps and convert them to leads.

Key Features: 

  • Define content nurturing steps
  • Tracks the content your users consume
  • Users see your content retargeting ads on leading websites
  • Amplify your content and bring prospects back to valuable pages

Cost: Contact for a quote

Rival IQ

Rival IQ

Rival IQ is more than just a digital marketing analytics platform; it’s digital marketing analytics with a competitive edge. With Rival IQ, you an analyze your own performance, gain critical insights, and outpace your competition across social media, SEO, and website content.

Key Features: 

  • Analyze multiple digital marketing channels
  • Cross-channel competitive analysis
  • Top content overview reveals what’s resonating with your audience
  • Facebook Insights integration
  • One-click reports; scheduled reports
  • Timely alerts and notifications on competitor activity
  • SEO keyword analysis
  • Competitive SEM insights
  • Discover and build relationships with key Twitter influencers
  • Track multiple sets of companies
  • Organize companies with tags to segment analytics


  • Hero: $199/month – Track up to 15 companies/75 profiles
  • Superhero: $299/month – Track up to 25 companies/125 social profiles
  • Champion: $439/month – Track up to 50 companies/250 social profiles



A content marketing platform powered by data science, ScribbleLive offers content workflow and publishing technology combined with deep attention and influence analytics to suit the needs of the modern, data-driven marketer. Optimize the entire content marketing lifecycle with ScribbleLive.

Key Features: 

  • Hosted microsites
  • CMS integration
  • Social and third-party content automation
  • Content planning tools and marketplace
  • Lead gen forms
  • Influencer lists
  • Audience profiling and insights


  • Pro: From $2,500/month
  • Enterprise: From $5,000/month – Unlimited content, additional planning tools
  • Insights: From $5,000/month (optional add-on) – Share of Digital Attention, Competitive Attention Index, Sentiment Analysis, Content Marketing Topic Insights



Scribe is your unfair advantage for smarter content marketing, with tools for researching topics, optimizing content, and connecting with key influencers. Combining essential tools for content, social, and search, Scribe helps you get more mileage from every content asset you create.

Key Features: 

  • Identify topics that matter to your audience
  • Discover new content ideas
  • Compare the popularity of topical phrases at a glance
  • Competitive research
  • Real-time conversion and sharing related to the terms you’re targeting
  • Integrated Google Insights historical data
  • Demographic and search volume data
  • On-page optimization, social sharing signals, and more
  • Identify authoritative social media users, create strategic alliances to grow your brand’s authority, and more


  • Professional: $97/month – 300 evaluations
  • Agency: $247/month – 900 evaluations
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote

Segmento helps you find, select, and share content to better engage your customers. By searching thousands of content sources, filtering out irrelevant content, and using predictive analytics to identify the content most likely to resonate with your audience, turns content curation into a science while providing valuable data you can use to drive your own content creation efforts.

Key Features: 

  • Searches news feeds, newspapers, websites, and other channels
  • Get content matching your keywords with powerful filters
  • Predictive analytics engine computes content’s relevance based on your recent choices
  • Quickly identify the most shared and most relevant articles with the highest authority
  • One-click sharing to multiple social networks


  • Start-Up: 39€/month – 1 segment, 500 articles/month
  • Growth: 190€/month – 5 segments, 5k articles/month
  • Company: 450€/month – 10 segments, 15k articles/month
  • Enterprise: 1,800€/month – 50 segments, 75k articles/month

Share As Image

Share As Image

Share As Image is a relatively simple tool, yet one you won’t ever want to be without once you’ve used it once. Share As Image allows you to turn images or text into viral, eye-catching micro-content in seconds and immediately share it with your social networks. So, for those times when you need a compelling image quick, Share As Image is your go-to tool.

Key Features:

  • Brand your images
  • Premium, curated photos at your fingertips
  • Ready-to-share, high-resolution images
  • Fonts, filters, and templates

Cost: $8/month – 1,000+ HD photos, 50+ font options, 30 pre-set templates, and more



A content amplification suite, Shareaholic reaches more than 450 million people each month through native ads and promoted content. Increase page views and time spent on-site, gain deeper insights into your audience and the content that’s most relevant for them, and improve your content marketing ROI with Shareaholic.

Key Features: 

  • Increase page views, engagement, and time on site with recommended content
  • Add simple share buttons to allow visitors to share your content with a single click
  • Social analytics with actionable metrics
  • Add smart share buttons to your content images
  • Turn your site’s existing links into rewards from more than 35,000 retailers
  • Mobile optimized
  • Easy to install and maintain


  • FREE for websites and publishers
  • Shareaholic Promoted Content for advertisers coming soon



Shareist offers tools for finding content, scheduling updates to social media, and reusing content to get more exposure for every content investment you make. From building and publishing pages easily to an editorial calendar to manage your content production workflow, Shareist is a valuable tool for busy content marketers.

Key Features: 

  • Capture links, documents, videos, notes, and more
  • Research tools to discover fresh and relevant content
  • Collaborative inbox with a library for all your ideas
  • Plan your content strategy with a built-in editorial calendar
  • Schedule and share social media updates


  • Lite: FREE – 1 project, 0 collaborators
  • Pro: $25/month – 5 projects, 5 collaborators/project
  • Pro Plus: $50/month – 10 projects, 10 collaborators/project
  • Agency: $200/month – 50 projects, 50 collaborators/project



Communicate visually with team members using Evernote’s free Skitch app. With annotation, shapes, and sketches, you can quickly communicate ideas and collaborate to move your projects forward.

Key Features: 

  • Annotation and markup to draw attention to what’s important
  • Shapes, arrows, and quick sketches to get your point across
  • Use on your desktop, tablet, or phone to give feedback and share ideas

Cost: FREE



SnapApp offers the fastest way to create interactive content, boosting demand generation results. With SnapApp, you can create, deploy, manage, and measure interactive content experiences with seamless integration with your other essential marketing tools, such as CRM, marketing automation, and content management platforms.

Key Features: 

  • Multitude of content templates
  • Drag-and-drop design
  • Workflow management
  • Powerful analytics
  • Add value and increase conversions through dialogue


  • Basic: $1,650/month – 10 pieces of content
  • Pro: $2,400/month – 24 pieces of content
  • Enterprise: $3,600/month – Unlimited content



Sniply adds a call-to-action to every link you share, including owned media, earned media, and curated links. Attach calls-to-action on-screen to your own blog posts without making changes to the page itself, share a link to a publication you’ve been featured in with your own call-to-action so users can engage with your brand, and get recognized for referring and sharing curated links by including a message for your followers.

Key Features: 

  • Track clicks and conversions, as well as on-page data
  • A/B testing tools
  • Retargeting
  • Choose from a variety of themes and customize colors
  • Set up a custom domain to create branded shortlinks
  • Multiple Sniply types to choose from (buttons, links, and more)


  • Basic: $29/month – 2 brands, 1 team member, 5k clicks/month
  • Pro: $79/month – 6 brands, 3 team members, 20k clicks/month
  • Business: $149/month – 10 brands, 5 team members, 50k clicks/month



Create people-powered infographics that mash up social polling and real-time data visualization to create engaging, interactive content that converts with Stipso. Engage your audience and generate leads simultaneously while unearthing valuable consumer opinions.

Key Features: 

  • Powerful, intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Total creative freedom over the look and feel of your infographics
  • Collect valuable data about what your users think
  • Comprehensive analytics for uncovering insights
  • Seamless integration with CRM, signup forms, custom analytics, and more


  • Bonsai: $19/month – 5,000 unique visitors
  • Maple: $49/month – 25,000 unique visitors
  • Redwood: $99/month – 100,000 unique visitors



SumoMe offers a handy set of tools to help you increase traffic to your website and generate leads. From simple share buttons to make it easy for visitors to help you reach a bigger audience with your content to heat maps to discover what’s working and what’s not and list building tools to boost your daily signups by 20%, SumoMe is a valuable suite of tools for any content marketer.

Key Features: 

  • Track Google Analytics data without leaving your site
  • Scroll box to increase email signups
  • Image sharer to increase shares from the images on your site
  • Content analytics
  • Highlighter to increase content sharing
  • Simple contact forms
  • Connects with all your favorite services, such as email marketing platforms


  • FREE: All the apps
  • Starter: $10/month – VIP support, no SumoMe branding
  • Pro: $100/month – A/B testing, pro insights, enterprise integrations



Know your influencers and build impactful relationships with Traackr’s sophisticated influencer marketing software. It contains everything you need to discover key influencers, manage key relationships, and measure their impact on your business. Leverage your influencers to research, plan, author, and amplify content to expand your reach and grow your business.

Key Features: 

  • Identify top influencers in any niche
  • Relevance-driven discovery, geo-targeting, and multi-lingual search
  • Upload your existing or known contacts
  • Network analysis uncovers emerging influencers
  • Complete influencer footprints
  • Track content published by your influencers
  • Track real-time conversations among your most important contacts
  • Identify the trending content your influencers share most often
  • Built-in engagement and tracking
  • Create and manage projects
  • Track peformance

Cost: Contact for a quote



TrackMaven is a competitive intelligence tool for digital marketers, allowing content marketers to stay one step ahead of the competition by identifying the topics that are most engaging with your target audience and discovering what’s working across an industry. With TrackMaven’s competitive insights, you can better plan your editorial calendar and optimize your distribution strategy.

Key Features: 

  • Activity feed shows you what’s working across digital channels
  • Real-time insight into top-performing content
  • Impact and engagement insights for individual pieces of content
  • Tag content you care about to find it later with a few clicks
  • Specific views and custom time frames for campaigns, channels, or brands
  • Filter on keywords or hashtags
  • Easily send public links to a piece of content
  • Real-time benchmarking and brand profiles
  • Side-by-side comparisons
  • Channel-specific metrics

Cost: Contact for a quote



TrendSpottr predicts emerging trends, viral content, and key influencers for any topic, in real time, from the social web. This tool is used by brands, agencies, and marketers alike to optimize content marketing, target influencers, anticipate reputation crises and formulate a proactive response, optimize media planning, and conduct market research.

Key Features: 

  • Identify important early trends and influencers
  • Manage issues and crises in real-time
  • Discover and share timely, relevant, and trending content
  • Create customized alerts
  • Monitor your brand and reputation
  • Improve social engagement and performance

Cost: FREE



Create, manage, and optimize content experiences at every stage of the buyer’s journey with Uberflip. A content marketing system that lets you streamline content management, accelerate lead generation, and fuel marketing automation in one, Uberflip is a must-have tool for today’s content marketing professionals.

Key Features: 

  • Integrates with marketing automation platforms
  • Power company blogs, resource centers, content libraries, and sales enablement
  • Aggregate blogs, white papers, e-books, and other content into a Content Hub
  • Targeted content streams you can easily curate
  • Add contextual calls-to-action for lead generation
  • Get quick insights into content performance with the Uberflip Content Score
  • Create Flipbooks for supercharged PDFs


  • Expert: $500/month – 1 Hub, 10 custom streams
  • Exclusive: $1,000/month – 2 Hubs, 15 custom streams
  • Elite: $1,500/month – 2 Hubs, 25 content streams
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote



Need an engaging, yet simple-to-create video for a landing page or introduction? VideoScribe lets you easily create whiteboard-style animations with no design or technical know-how, meaning no waiting weeks for the design team to get around to the project you needed yesterday.

Key Features: 

  • Thousands of royalty-free images and soundtracks
  • Endless customization options
  • Share via Facebook, YouTube, or PowerPoint
  • Export HD videos to your computer


  • Standard: $29/month ($12/month when paid yearly)
  • Team of 5: $130/user/year
  • Team of 10: $120/user/year
  • Team of 20: $110/user/year



Benchmark your brand and create social media benchmarking reports quickly with Zuum’s powerful social insights. Determine how your brand ranks against your competitors across a multitude of KPIs and social networks, find out what campaigns were top performers and how well they performed on specific metrics, and drill down to specific points of interest to gain actionable insights to drive your content marketing and social strategy.

Key Features: 

  • Add private data sources such as Facebook Insights
  • Automated reporting
  • Create and modify social networks and profiles
  • Filter out irrelevant noise words
  • Content and campaign analysis
  • Influencer behavior analysis

Cost (Pricing based on # of fans following your largest social media account): 

  • 50,000: $249/month
  • 350,000: $499/month
  • 1 million: $699/month
  • 2 million+: $999/month


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