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Docurated builds amazing technology to identify the absolute best content.

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We connect to tons of systems: document repositories, desktop computers, email servers, CRMs, HR systems, presentation systems, and more, all across an enterprise to get a total perspective on the way content is used. We use this data to provide search tools and content insights to our customers. This is accomplished through the normalization of content and metadata, application of modern search technologies and development of machine learning models to annotate and approximate value. We also support our customers hand-in-hand throughout the process to ensure our technology succeeds for their needs. By making content easy to retrieve and analyzing the performance of their content in situations like sales, Docurated is an invaluable competitive tool and creates a real ROI for their company.


However we cannot accomplish our vision of finding The Best Content without the right team working together. Across sales, customer success and engineering, every new account we land is a collaborative effort and feels like a team victory. We hope that you are excited by this!




Technology we like (and use)

PostgreSQL Redis Apache Solr
PostgreSQL: a real workhorse. We have anchored our stack on PostgreSQL for years, gone through several minor version upgrades of 9, and continue to be impressed by how Postgres scales to terabytes of data and billions of rows. Redis: it just works. Solr Cloud: a love-hate relationship. The debate is always Solr vs. ElasticSearch. We run Solr Cloud with hundreds of millions of documents across hundreds of servers, and it’s still pretty fast. Just be really really sure how to shard the collection up front.
Scala Scikit Learn Spark Streaming
Scala: pure functions on the JVM. While we haven’t fully embraced functional programming across the board, our index production pipeline has been stable and elastic using Scala, Akka and pub/sub. Scikit-learn: a virtual utility belt. Solid off-the-shelf libraries for many machine-learning tasks, great documentation on subjects in general, and python is easy to write. Spark streaming: ETL at scale.




Want to join us?

We are always seeking exceptional talent to join our team. You will have an opportunity to work with wicked-smart people and own large parts of our product and process. Our culture is open and accountable, and individuals here seek to have a big impact on our company. Below are some roles we are actively recruiting for, but if you are interested in joining please just contact us!




Docurated engineering needs exceptional people to come work on complex problems while scaling our systems to match customer demand at the same time. Docurated needs to ingest and analyze huge amounts of data, provide our customers with concise, impactful insights, all while being extremely reliable and low-latency. We are working on information retrieval, data visualization, and everything in between.

Backend Web-Dev
Data Engineer
Data Scientist
Analytics Engineer
Infrastructure Engineer / Site Reliability Engineer




Docurated sales needs high-energy, self-motivated and agile people to come helps us build pipeline and close deals.  We are looking for you to combine our world class sales training with your ability to quickly assess customer challenges and opportunities.

Sales Development Representative



People Ops

Director of Talent



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