Driving Revenue With Better, Faster RFPs At A Worldwide Manufacturer
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“Before Docurated we were throwing things at the wall to see what would stick. RFPs could be for anything, our content was stored all over the place, and responses were very time consuming. We now turn RFP’s around in one-third of the time it used to take us.”
– VP Business Communications, Rapidly Growing Manufacturing Company.

The Challenge

  • Content, at this global manufacturer, was stored everywhere. It was very difficult for employees to access relevant materials.
  • Leadership needed to
    • Support global distribution of content across their dispersed teams.
    • Reduce the amount of time employees spent searching for RFP content.
    • Prevent remote offices from “going rogue” with their own materials.
    • Ensure employees conveyed “the same, on-brand story and message” across the business.



The company connected Docurated to their existing content stores, which created a single access point to all their content and increased productivity across the company.

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Better, Faster RFPs

Docurated was deployed as a portal for employees to access and reuse better-suited content than a human being could ever show them on their own.Docurated’s Google-like search functionality ensured all the latest materials needed fro RFP creation were instantly accessible.



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