How A F500 Manufacturer Enhanced SharePoint
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“Huge kudos to Docurated for building an amazing service that end-users love. It’s saving our team dozens of hours every week.”
– CIO, F500 Manufacturing Company.

The Challenge

  • The Product Supply Organization (PSO) at this American multinational used SharePoint as the primary means of collaboration.
  • The PSO site contained hundreds of thousands of documents and was accesible by 3,000+ white and blue-collar workers.
  • Content was produced at a tremendous rate and the proliferation of SharePoint silos created a digital landfill.
  • SharePoint users could not find relevant content and wasted 5+ hours per week.
  • SharePoint search was inadequate and surfaced dated content which simply overwhelmed users.
  • Rip and replace was not an option because so many key functions and processes were tied into SharePoint.


    Productivity increased across the company as information that would otherwise have taken hours to find is now instantly available.

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    Why Docurated?

    The goal was to make key information instantly accessible to the PSO team. There were 3 primary drivers when it came to choosing a solution:

    1. Simplicity and ease of use: Leadership wanted a simple to use platform that did not require a change to workflows and integrated with all their different SharePoint instances.
    2. Enterprise scale and flexibility: Docurated was the only solution that allowed the company to leverage its existing infrastructure while scaling to support enterprise complexity. The Docurated solution gets better with more complexity.
    3. Instant access to information: Full text search across SharePoint and other content stores. Employees don’t need to know where information is stored. Docurated saves time and eliminates waste by returning the most relevant information based on the users unique situation. Whenever new versions of content are added to SharePoint Docurated quickly indexes it.



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