Transforming A Global Print Publication Into A Digital Powerhouse
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“Docurated saves me a few hours a week, but even more importantly I now have visibility across the organization and can see the materials my peers use to win business.”
– Executive Director

Business Context

  • One of the world’s leading print publications and was going through a strategic transformation to become a digital media company.
  • Changes included new digital products and growing a sales team which added complexity to their commercial organization.
  • Pressure to ramp new reps quickly.
  • The competitive environment was in a state of flux as rival publishers underwent similar transformaiton.
  • Sales reps needed to differentiate themselves by delivering tailored messages to customers and prospects.
  • Sales and Marketing had no single place to retrieve information and had to search multiple content sources including Google Drive and a legacy shared drive containing over 15tb of content.


Docurated Impact

The CEO recognized the importance of effecitve knowledge management and Docurated was introduced providing users with a highly visual search layer on top of the company‚Äôs content stores. Docurated became the “go to” place for content and boosted productivity across the company.

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Developing A Solution

Docurated provided Google-like access to the company’s best content, indexed right down to the page level. Docurated’s secure content solution enabled the sales team to instantly surface approved content to tell the right story, tailored to win the deal.

The company use Docurated to:

  • Integrate with key storage repositories and leverage their existing folder structure to organize content.
  • Quickly search for files based on file names, tags and content.
  • Clip together slides and pages from different decks on the fly.
  • View and share files through a client-friendly interface.
  • Access insights and analytics on how content is being used.



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