Empowering Global Sales Reps At A Multinational Software Company
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“Docurated is the only content solution out there that caters for the needs of the modern sales rep.”
– VP Strategy & Operations, Technology Company.

The Challenge

  • The highly distributed team at this leading app intelligence company produced an immense amount of content which was stored in a range of locations like Box, local servers, and Salesforce.
  • Sales and marketing leadership needed to find a way to distribute and disseminate approved marketing collateral to sales teams around the globe
  • They also needed a way to leverage valuable localized materials that teams were creating on their own.
  • Valuable tribal knowledge was being silo’d away in each global office.
  • Reps spent 5+ hours per week searching for relevant content.



Management introduced Docurated as an intelligence layer to sit over all existing content repositories providing sales teams around the globe with a single access point to the most relevant content.

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The Docurated Solution

Dispersed teams can now log on to Docurated and access the latest Marketing-approved collateral. Docurated’s Google-like search functionality makes content retrieval easy. This content is centrally managed by marketing who can access content analytics and push fresh content straight to Sales reps. Materials created by Sales are indexed allowing users to leverage the wealth of sales materials that were previously siloed away at each of their offices.

Docurated’s machine learning functionality – which indexes a range of inputs and metadata like deal stage, content popularity, usage etc. – ensure that reps are always recommended the most relevant and up to date content. Users can access Docurated straight from Salesforce and suggested content is pushed to each opportunity.


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