How A Leading Tech Company Solved Their Knowledge Management Challenge

“Docurated allows our team to easily search through the drive, find what they need, and move on. No longer do people need to waste time searching through the shared drive or asking colleagues where things are.”
– VP & CIO, F500 Technology Company

The Challenge

  • Knowledge management was a major business challenge at this fast growing tech company.
  • Employees wasted 5+ hours per week searching for relevant content.
  • Leadership needed to find a way to disseminate knowledge throughout the organization.
  • Content was stored in a range of locations like Box, SharePoint, and a shared drive. Silos had developed and invaluable tribal knowledge was getting lost.


Results – Solving the Knowledge Management Challenge

Leadership introduced Docurated as an intelligence layer to sit over all existing content repositories, providing teams with a single access point to the most relevant content.

User Adoption
Productivity Increase Per Person
Revenue Increase


Why Docurated

The company needed a new way to access information. But the last thing leadership wanted was a solution with a lengthy implementation process that required manual uploading and tagging. Docurated provided a simple, highly visual search layer on top of the company’s content infrastructure.

Now, knowledge workers don’t need to remember how something was titled or tagged, they can simply do a keyword search for what they need and Docurated will return the relevant documents and exact pages. Employees can then download a copy of the document directly, or they can storyboard together pages from multiple different documents – all without having to open a single file. Tasks that used to take hours, or were completely impossible, are now accomplished in a matter of minutes.



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