The Path To Purchase Is Paved In Content

17.3 pieces of content used per salesperson in each winning deal. - SiriusDecisions 2016 Global Sales Study A typical marketer or salesperson produces thousands of pieces of content (emails, spreadsheets, proposals, reports, pitches, notes) annually and the rate of this content creation increases everyday. To manage this...

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How Activity Data Fuels Sales Effectiveness

The Corpus of Enterprise Content & Sales Activity Data is Key to Successful Artificial Intelligence for Sales The Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Sales Productivity ecosystem is growing by the day and recent announcements, acquisitions (i.e. Microsoft-LinkedIn), rumors and releases (ie. Cortana Intelligence Suite) from Oracle, SugarCRM,...

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Introducing The Docurated Slack Bot

Docurated, the global leader in content analytics and collaboration, today announced a new integration with Slack, the leading team communication tool. The Docurated Slack Bot provides users with contextual content recommendations from any enterprise repository directly from the Slack interface. This integration connects Slack users...

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Carol Margolis

23 Sales Pros Reveal the Biggest Challenges for Enterprise-Level Sales Professionals (and How to Overcome Them)

Selling for the enterprise is similar to selling for SMBs in many ways, but it also presents some distinct challenges for sales professionals. Selling to the enterprise audience requires gaining an understanding of the multitude of gatekeepers and potential decision-makers that exist, as well as...

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Channel Sales Strategy Management

Managing Your Channel Partner Sales Strategy: 6 Best Practices for Success

Developing an effective channel partner sales strategy is essential for modern sales organizations. Channel partner programs are the key to scaling sales efforts and maximizing revenues. But an ineffective or mismanaged channel partner program can have detrimental impacts on your company's bottom line and actually hinder...

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