Content Management System FAIL Competition

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On a recent customer visit they told us their Content Management System was ‘like a high school locker, LITERALLY’. I didn’t believe them so they sent us a picture. A locker – to store work files? Can you believe that? I redacted the stickies that catalog what each drive contains and it looks like a mix of Seagate and Toshiba hard drives.  Wow, imagine trying to find anything!

Wouldn’t this be a great competition? $250 gift card to anyone with a picture that can top this. The most cluttered content management system wins! Send us a picture of your content management system, it can be a screenshot of folders/desktop, or a picture if you are storing stuff on hard drives like the one below, or anywhere else you store your work content. The most cluttered, hardest to use, archaic, content management system wins a $250 gift card. Simply Tweet your pictures to @Docurated. If you don’t have Twitter email [email protected]

Competition closes June 1.


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