CRM Data isn't Enough to Make Artificial Intelligence Work [Video]

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Last week we released a post which detailed how CRM Data isn’t Enough to Make Artificial Intelligence Work. The trouble with AI solutions based on CRM data is that 90% of enterprise sales activity takrs place outside the CRM.

In the above video, our VP of Marketing, Fergal Glynn goes into more depth on last week’s blog post. Fergal explains how “every sales and marketing team struggles with data quality and quantity issues and in many companies sales and marketing leaders have thrown up their hands saying they’ll never really people able to solve the problem. If we don’t solve this fundamental data foundation problem, AI will fail to transform business process. It is impossible to predict outcomes or even make great decisions off predictions if the underlying data training the models is stale, inaccurate, or incomplete. Driving insight means we need to truly have a sense of our underlying data and tie those truths to our business decisions.”

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