Customer Spotlight: Fortune 500 Consumer Packaged Goods

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Docurated customers range in size from 35-person advertising agencies to huge publicly-traded Fortune 100 giants. Docurated users within these companies carry a range of job titles and work in a variety of departments. A common theme among them is great relief that Docurated solves a previously aggravating problem – lost content.

Here’s how a Fortune 500 company solved their content access problem.

Fortune 500 Consumer Packaged Goods Company

Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods
Revenue: >$5B – Listed on the NYSE
Employees: >5,000
Head Office: California
Existing Content Tools: SharePoint 2010, Box (pilot)
Use Case: Universal access for sales team to their content

The Company

Everyone knows this company. A manufacturer of consumer products, it is a user of SharePoint 2010 and has been investigating Box as an alternative cloud storage option. A Box pilot has been running for several quarters.
You know the company because it manufactures a portfolio of well-known brands found in almost every household and many businesses in America. SharePoint is a repository for more than a thousand regularly updated documents, which the health care, sanitation, and food industry field sales teams continually access.
The company approached Docurated due to the frustration and difficulty the sales and marketing teams were experiencing finding and retrieving documents within both SharePoint and Box.

What They Wanted: Sales Enablement

The wish list was succinct. Here’s how the project manager’s described her ideal solution:
“I want my direct sales team, based on their industry vertical, to be able to access the relevant content from their industry vertical, with little to no administrative friction. In addition, I want reps who rotate from different groups to be able to access their relevant content as they move between groups.”

How They Use Docurated

Docurated connects the company’s SharePoint, Box, and local drives, indexing every document in these repositories, including the regularly updated sales and marketing collateral. Field sales personnel use Docurated to instantly access the most recent version of every piece of collateral needed to service existing customers and close new business. Whenever newer versions are added to SharePoint, Box or local drives, Docurated quickly indexes them, preventing sales reps from using outdated versions.

Some User Feedback

“It’s ten times easier to type something into Docurated and have it pop everything up for me.”
– Sales Manager, Healthcare Division
“Docurated Saved Me 4-5 Hours Last Week.”
– Research Manager Healthcare Division

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