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Sales Effectiveness
and Marketing Asset Management

Sales Effectiveness

Docurated is a hub for your best content. Sales reps can find and use exactly what they need when they need it.

Asset Management

Docurated identifies duplicate files across organizations and always shows users only the most current version.

Notifications and Search

Docurated will notify members of teams and organizations when new content is added to topics that interest them most.

What our clients say

  • We quickly transformed an old file server into a robust knowledge center. With our existing infrastructure intact, we gave our international team a powerful way to find and share content. Docurated is truly a game-changer.”
    Alexandra Wood, Global Digital Product Director, Havas Worldwide
  • We’re all kind of amazed here. You find everything you’re looking for.”
    - Project Manager, Wasserman
  • "Ten times easier to type something into Docurated and have everything pop up for me, compared to what I used to do.”
    - Sales Manager, Health Care, Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Without Docurated, we never would have been able to respond to, and win a last-minute RFP opportunity that led to a $750,000 deal."
    - New Business Team Lead, Global Ad Agency
  • Docurated has become the single source of truth around competition for Netflix. We use it to summarize what we’ve discovered about our competitors’ activities.”
    - CIO, Netflix
  • Results improve because you get the pages from all the documents that contain the search phrase….including better answers than you may have initially thought of.”
    - Director of New Business, Mindshare

Spend less time researching and more time selling

Learn How

Work Efficiently

Everyone needs a little organization

5 tips doc management

It is impossible to know exactly what everyone in your organization is doing, especially as your organization and teams grow. The ability to extract elements of images, pdfs, spreadsheets, presentations and more and compile the pieces into new content allows you to reuse the most relevant information without duplicating work efforts.


Quick Access

Through simple searches and in seconds, users can locate and surface relevant documents, and better yet pages within documents

Discover The Unknown

Discover related works and work of your colleagues without prior knowledge of a file’s existence.


Smart Search

Docurated surfaces your most used content with smart search, ensuring only the best information is put in front of clients.

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