How Docurated Accelerates Sales and Marketing Productivity at Acquia

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Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 1.52.09 PMTim Bertrand, SVP of Worldwide Sales and Channing Ferrer, VP Corporate Sales, two of the leading figures behind Acquia’s explosive growth, recently took time out to explain the impact Docurated has had on sales and marketing productivity at the company. Named as the fastest growing software company in Deloitte’s 2014 Technology Fast 500, Acquia provides products, services, and technical support for open-source web content management platform Drupal and lists Pinterest, Mercedes Benz, and Stanford University among more than 4,000 clients.


Tim and Channing began by explaining how Docurated has enabled sales and marketing at Acquia to act as one unit and maintain brand consistency while the company scaled rapidly. Tim spoke about the problems that arise due to the sheer volume of content sales and marketing teams encounter today.

“One of the challenges I’ve seen in a lot of organizations, including ours in the early days, is when you have content that lives in rogue locations. Sales reps go out and create their own materials. They create PowerPoints, potentially use different templates and the information might be out of date.”

Tim continued by explaining how Acquia used Docurated to address this challenge.

“We’re using technologies like Docurated to bridge the gap between the assets that are being produced in marketing and how they get rolled out to our sales teams that are out in the field on a day to day basis that are using these assets.”

Channing followed on by stressing the importance of both usability and flexibility in enterprise technology.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 1.52.22 PM“Tim and I both thought that ease of use was a huge factor for us. We have to roll this out to a near 200 person sales team. We don’t want to go through extensive training and months and months of painful feedback. We wanted something that was really easy to use and Docurated hit that nail right on the head. We saw how simple it was, how easy it was, and how easy it is to integrate with some of the tools we already have.”

Channing outlined the situation at Acquia before Docurated was implemented.

“We’re not sure what are the best assets to use. We’re not sure what assets are actually producing the results we want, and we’re not even sure what the best reps are doing with those even. We want to be able to measure and examine all that data. What we need and what we found is a tool that can help us pull together all those assets that are going to fit for that solution.”

The ability to move deals through the sales cycles faster is, according to Tim, “the combination of a whole bunch of things”. He notes that a consistent process with the right steps will help improve efficiency and so too does “having the right assets in the hands of the right people at the right time”. This increase in efficiency can help you move deals through the sales cycles flow and have a dramatic impact on the “ability and speed with which you can close deals.”


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