Docurated Announces OpenText Integration

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Docurated, the global leader in artificial intelligence for enterprise content, today announced a new integration with OpenText, the leading enterprise content management platform. Docurated’s integration with OpenText leverages the powerful analytics and content optimization capabilities of Docurated with OpenText’s robust enterprise platform to offer sales and marketing teams a seamless content management solution to increase sales effectiveness.

This new integration enables Docurated users to easily import and manage content from OpenText, automatically update files versioned in OpenText, and allows Docurated users to view full previews, thumbnails, and rich visualizations of OpenText content. Additional benefits of Docurated’s integration with OpenText include:

  • Frictionless import or “publishing” of OpenText content, training, playbooks, and assets to the sales organization
  • Sync of selected files for automatic version updates
  • Automatic import and indexing of newly-published and updated content into Docurated’s industry-first
  • Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise Content solution
  • Custom metadata mapping to simplify content management across platforms


Speaking about the new integration, Docurated CEO and co-founder, Alex Gorbansky said: “Docurated’s OpenText integration is the logical next step in enterprise content management. There are so many disparate systems at play in today’s enterprise, it is no longer enough to analyze each system individually. Companies need to marry the data and relationships between traditionally disparate systems to get a clear picture of their customer. By expanding the Docurated Content Graph to include OpenText, we not only get a clearer picture of the customer, but also increase the likelihood of a deal closing by promoting the right content wherever it may be stored.”

About Docurated:

Docurated helps you see and understand everything about your content so you can have precise customer interactions. From email to documents in Documentum, SharePoint, Box, and others, the Docurated Content Graph maps the relationships between people and information, and acts as the intelligent fabric delivering personal and contextual content for every knowledge worker. By combining massive evidenced-based inputs and analytics with powerful content surfacing using the DocuRank algorithm, Docurated makes it possible to connect people to the relevant content around them.


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