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Alex GorbanskyDocurated CEO and co-founder, Alex Gorbansky took some time out recently to sit down with Forbes tech and finance contributor, Tom Taulli. The questions on Taulli’s mind was – what’s next after cloud storage? Over the course of the interview, Alex shared his thoughts on the cloud-storage marketplace, industry trends, and how Docurated can provide value across an organization.


Alex began by explaining the Docurated service. “One description that resonates with prospective customers is to think of Docurated as “Google for your documents”. Docurated is at its core a visual search and knowledge platform. Storage is cheap, and it’s information retrieval that’s expensive.” Docurated, Alex pointed out, can solve a “huge problem for large and small organizations”, namely “information retrieval across multiple cloud platforms”. In terms of differentiation, Alex cited three key Docurated features: “First, Docurated enables its users to access the most relevant page or slide without having to open a single file or folder (no more having to remember where content is stored!). Second, Docurated returns relevant content from multiple repositories like Box, shared drives, your local desktop etc. Finally, Docurated does not require any manual tagging or uploading—all content is automatically indexed (saving time and improving employee productivity).” In today’s fast-paced business landscape there is no longer time for organizational inefficiencies. Docurated addresses this problem.

Taulli also asked Alex about the future of the cloud-storage and collaboration marketplace. Alex noted that “most cloud storage vendors have realized that competing on storage costs is a losing proposition. Instead, their attention is focused on moving up the stack and providing value-added services like advanced collaboration, workflow and others. In essence, everyone wants to be the place where people do work, not just a storage repository.Today, the dominant place where people do work is in Microsoft Office. Consequently, you will be seeing cloud storage vendors increasingly competing with Microsoft versus one another. Hence the idea that Box and Dropbox are fierce rivals is a bit misguided.”

Once Box was mentioned, attention inevitably turned towards their recent IPO. Alex specified Box’s strong brand and synonymity with cloud storage as important considerations in the company’s future. “Despite a high burn rate, Box is growing at an incredible pace. That type of brand name recognition and momentum will be difficult to stop. Microsoft is the 800 lb gorilla in the space and is probably the only company that can stall their growth.”

You can follow Alex on Twitter at @Gorbansky.


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