Docurated Included in Constellation Research's Future of Work

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Report Identifies The Software Vendors Changing How Employees Create, Connect, Communicate and Collaborate.


Docurated, the leading sales collaboration platform today announced that it has been recognized as a representative vendor in Constellation Research’s “Collaboration Vendors Shaping the Future of Work” report. Constellation Research identified Docurated as a representative vendor that makes it easy to find specific information spread across documents and presentations.

“Collaboration is a rapidly evolving space. Getting the right digital content to reps for each sales situation is critical in business today,” said Docurated CEO and co-founder, Alex Gorbansky. “We believe that because there are so many disparate systems at play in today’s enterprise, it is no longer enough to analyze each system individually. The Docurated Content Graph marries the data and relationships between traditionally disparate systems to get a clear picture of their customer. Our inclusion by Constellation Research reinforces our belief that AI is the logical next step in collaboration.”


According to Constellation Research, “It seems like each year the list of software that people use to get their jobs done grows. The standard employee toolset includes familiar products such as email, calendar, contacts, word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software. For some people, that list expands to include tools like chat, blogs, wikis, file sharing, task managers, and social networks. Despite the fact that the list of tools is growing, new features are being added, and mobile devices allow us to work anytime/anywhere, the overall way most people connect, communicate, collaborate and create content has not significantly changed. We still all struggle with the back and forth challenges of email. Our calendars are still filled with meeting invitations that provide little context to the subject or follow-up items. Our contact lists are always out of date. We create static documents, charts and graphs and send them around as file attachments. There has to be a better way.”

The Constellation Research “Collaboration Vendors Shaping the Future of Work” report is available for download here.

About Docurated

Docurated helps you see and understand everything about your content so you can have precise customer interactions. From email to documents in Documentum, SharePoint, Box, and others, the Docurated Content Graph maps the relationships between people and information and acts as the intelligent fabric delivering personal and contextual content for every knowledge worker. By combining massive evidenced-based inputs and analytics with powerful content surfacing using the DocuRank algorithm, Docurated makes it possible to connect people to the relevant content around them.

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