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A New Way of Working

The following articles and posts offer some unique insights into the most pressing challenges Sales and Marketing face today.


Marketing No Longer Understands Sales
Once again, B2B marketing budgets have seen an overall increase in 2015. However, this continued investment comes at a time when marketing’s comprehension of B2B selling is in steady decline. Learn more


Just Say No…To Content Management Systems
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Yet the following is a pattern our Commercial team sees every day. Companies spend months building out a new home for sales and marketing content. It looks really slick and everyone is excited. You launch to great fanfare. But then… crickets. No one uses it. Learn more


Sales is Marketing; Marketing is Sales
There is a lot of talk about “Sales and Marketing” alignment. The term ‘alignment’ is actually a misnomer and is the reason there is a big disconnect between sales and marketing teams. Whenever you HAVE to say something is aligned, it is because there is no real alignment. Learn more


Sales Reps Define Your Brand Not Advertising and PR
As VP of Marketing this is a hard pill for me to swallow, but I believe that in B2B a salesperson has more impact on a company’s brand than any advertising or PR campaign! Learn more


3 Counterintuitive Best Practices for Eliminating Rogue Sales Content
The problem of rogue content in B2B sales is as old as B2B sales itself. In my very first jobs at Loudcloud and EMC 15 years ago, I can remember marketing and product management leaders constantly complaining — or really bitching — about how sales was using the incorrect, out of date, and not on spec materials with customers. And how dare they? Learn more


The Sales Funnel is Broken
The use of a funnel to track and measure the lead to customer journey has been around for more than a century. A quick Google search reveals that the sales funnel was first developed from a model created by advertising advocate E. St. Elmo Lewis in 1898! 1898, WOW! Learn more


A Single View of All Content for Sales Reps is Our Vision
Last week, at one of the largest companies in the world, a senior executive encapsulated the vision every company I work with wants to achieve – “We are looking to create a single view of all content for our sales reps”. Learn more


Field–Tested Content Closes Deals
Earlier this week I came across a great article by the VP of Marketing at TechTarget, Peter Ross (@pebenr). In the article, Content Amnesty: Coming Clean About Your Content – No Questions Asked, Peter addresses the elephant in the room, or, to be more precise, the elephant lurking in you marketing department. – Increased spending on content has not prepared sales reps for the situations they face in the field. Learn more


Sales and Marketing – A Relationship Breakdown?
The days of marketing teams generating leads before handing them off to sales and moving onto the next project are finished. Buyers have changed and marketing can play a key role right through the sales process – from generating interest and leads through to helping reps close deals with the right pieces of content. Learn more


The Great Sales Enablement Failure of 2015
Instead of focusing on how to grow revenue, Sales Enablement, as a category, has turned into a fragmented, features-driven arms race with little attention paid to the strategic needs of the modern enterprise. Learn more


Search v Organization: The Sales Enablement Battle for Efficiency
While the importance of sales enablement and the need to equip reps with the content they need to close deals is universally accepted, there is a considerable difference of opinion over the best way to do so. Learn more


Why are B2B Sales Reps Failing?
Companies are struggling to win new business at the same rate as before because prospect conversations are more sophisticated and reps can’t keep up. If you believe this is the reality then you need to figure out how to arm sales reps to be successful in those situations. Learn more


Why Stars, Likes, and Thumbs Don’t Work for B2B
The idea of numerically summarizing something is great – it helps you decide what is good or meets your tastes, while saving you time and removing indecision. The problem is, human powered ratings systems don’t work. Learn more


Class-Based Training for B2B Sales Reps – You’re Joking Right?
I’d like to talk to you today about the impact, or lack thereof, of sales skills development – typically delivered via sales kickoff, classroom-based learning, and a bit of online learning. Skills development is consistently a high priority area for sales leaders but has undergone very little in the way of transformation. Learn more


You Don’t Need Another CMS
Content sprawl is one of the biggest challenges facing enterprises today and one of the biggest productivity killers for all employees, in particular Sales and Marketing. Unfortunately, attempts to solve this issue with the latest and greatest Sales Enablement technologies have actually exacerbated the problem. Learn more


The Most Important Sales Enablement Decision You Will Ever Make
When making a decision on a sales enablement platform we see buyers focus on features and capabilities. But the one unconscious decision, which is ironically an important one, is what type of solution are you buying? Learn more


What Sales Content Management Can Learn From Facebook, Google, and Amazon
If you REALLY want to give reps the RIGHT STORY to win the deal then you really need to understand how databases work and the two different database approaches taken to solve the problem. Learn more


Analytics Showdown – Why Foxes Beat Hedgehogs
B2C marketers are the envy of their B2B brethren. Unlike in the B2B world, B2C marketers have virtually every stat and measure known to man – to measure conversions, funnels, and track how various campaigns are working. Learn more


Is it Time to Redefine Sales Enablement?
Over the last five years, sales enablement has transitioned from a nascent business practice to an established, strategic function. During this period a number of definitions have emerged – not all of them helpful.
Learn more


The Problem With Personas
Personas are too general a view of the world, these attempts at predicting characteristics will always be wrong and end up being a waste of marketing’s time.
Learn more


The Path to Purchase is Paved in Content
A typical marketer or salesperson produces thousands of pieces of content (emails, spreadsheets, proposals, reports, pitches, notes) annually and the rate of this content creation increases everyday.
Learn more


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