Docurated Introduces Predictive Sales Content Using Artificial Intelligence for

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Monday, October 3rd, San Francisco, CA.

Today, in advance of Dreamforce, Docurated, the global leader in sales content management, showcased the first predictive enterprise sales content platform leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for

With the Docurated AI-enabled platform, customers can now bridge the gap between structured sales activity data in their CRM system and unstructured content which is presented, shared, used, and emailed with prospects and customers. Docurated’s Predictive Content for enables sales teams to reason over large amounts of data and convert that data into intelligence to deliver smarter, personalized and more predictive customer experiences.

Irene-mgmt“Most sales activity happens outside of a CRM system, but solutions to date only deal with data within the walls of a CRM system. With Docurated, customers can now understand everything about their unstructured content, not only inside the CRM system, but also across the tools sales people use most often such as Email, content management solutions, Word, Excel and presentation sharing,” says Irene Tserkovny co-founder and COO of Docurated. “By bringing together data from the wild and tying it to CRM data, we are arming sales teams with powerful intelligence to close more business.”

How does Docurated Work?

content graphDocurated automatically syncs with an organization’s systems including CRM (, Microsoft Dynamics), content management repositories (Box, SharePoint, Salesforce Files, OpenText), email, and any other places where content and sales data may live.

The Docurated Content Graph captures all of this information and maps the relationships between content usage, activity, modification history, and external engagement with data from CRM, email and other usage across the enterprise. In a heterogeneous world where the volume, type, sources and destinations of data are exploding, Docurated’s integration with the most popular enterprise CRM and Document Management systems makes it best suited to automatically discovering relevant insights, predicting future behavior, and proactively recommending best next actions.

Customer Impact

Docurated takes the guesswork out of which content is going to be most effective. Today, most reps and their managers struggle with finding and tailoring content for specific opportunities. With Docurated, the randomness is eliminated and reps can be confident that they are leveraging proven and effective materials.

About Docurated:

Docurated helps you see and understand everything about your content so you can have precise customer interactions. From email to documents in Documentum, SharePoint, Box, and others, the Docurated Content Graph maps the relationships between people and information, and acts as the intelligent fabric delivering personal and contextual content for every knowledge worker. By combining massive evidenced-based inputs and analytics with powerful content surfacing using the DocuRank algorithm, Docurated makes it possible to connect people to the relevant content around them. Visit to learn more.

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