Docurated Named As A Sales Enablement Leader In 2017 Guide

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Ambition have named Docurated as one of the leading solutions in tech today in their new guide 2017 Trends & Tech Guide For B2B Sales + Marketing. The guide takes a deep dive into the B2B sales and marketing technology space and provides some valuable insights into new and emerging trends. Finally, Ambition also put together a list of the best in class technologies designed with the needs of today’s sales and marketing professionals.

The guide states that “Docurated allows your sales team to easily access relevant content like case studies, infographics, and videos. Docurated ensures that the right assets are readily available by allowing you to transform disparate content systems into a single, powerful knowledge base.”

Ideal for B2B Leaders

Ideal for leaders in B2B sales, marketing, customer and technical support, operations, and data analytics, this guide also contains valuable insights into what’s happening in various industries, what emerging technologies are rapidly gaining popularity, and how you can use innovative platforms to extend the power of your people and products.

The chapters are one page apiece. Each explains a trend, identifies the needs driving that trend, and finally, lists the technology solutions available to meet those needs.

  • CHAPTER 1. Managing Millennials
  • CHAPTER 2. ABM & Sales Strategies Come of Age
  • CHAPTER 3. The New CMO
  • CHAPTER 4. The Segmented Sales Force
  • CHAPTER 5. Customer Experience: A Unifying Force
  • CHAPTER 6. Personalized Everything
  • CHAPTER 7. The Consolidated Technology Stack
  • CHAPTER 8. Data: The Currency of the Trust.
  • CHAPTER 9. Machine Learning & Predictive

Click here to download your copy of the guide today.

To learn more about the exciting ways Docurated can help you drive revenue, please schedule a briefing with one of our experts.

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