The Docurated Platform

Built for Marketers who Think BIG.
All Your Ideas, All Your Stories, Readily Available and Easily Consumed by Sales


Surface all your sales and marketing content, no matter where it is stored, from any device.


Docurated works with your CRM, other data sources, and content repositories, and creates a live feed into your sales collateral. You’ll never make another manual update and your content is always up to date.

By providing sales teams with a single point of access to all sales content, Docurated eliminates the wasted time spent searching for sales content allowing reps to focus more on closing deals.

Your Content Gets Smarter

When Marketing updates a piece of content it automatically gets pushed to your team and any documents using that content are automatically updated.

Docurated tracks all content updates and takes care of version control and duplicate content. Sales never need to worry about presenting out-of-date materials.


Tell the right story at the right time to close the deal.

The Right Story at the Right Time

Collateral builds itself. Perfectly personalized for your rep’s unique selling situation. Docurated allows sales reps to put together a customized presentation made from tailored materials created by marketing.

Always up to Date

Sales reps choose from a range of approved content that best suits their needs. Content is on-brand, on-message, up-to-date and compliant.

Always on-brand

Every aspect of the content, from corporate branding to compliance, is exactly how it should be.


DocuRank uses predictive analytics to proactively push relevant and winning content to sales reps to boost efficiency.


Ensure content is always compliant and up to date.

GRC Integration

Content creation, security policies and user permissions are managed in one place, providing more productivity and lower operating costs.

Deliver Compliant Presentations

All your team has access to the same approved collateral from any device. Version confusion is eliminated and your team uses only content that is compliant and up to date.

Maintain Formatting

Extract pages and elements from presentations and proposals for use in new material, maintaining approved formatting without additional work.


Share content with prospects with one click from any device.


The right content finds your sales reps and is easy to share with prospects and peers from any device.


Docurated Presenter makes sharing simple and smart. Remote control during live presentations ensures you’re on the same page with your audiences.


Drive Sales and marketing alignment. Sales and marketing work together from the same platform. Work better with sales and prospects through commenting, social interaction, email, and real-time alerts.


Measure content performance.

See What’s Working

Your content is always changing. See what’s working in real time. Docurated’s visualization tools show marketing who is using their content and which collateral drives sales.

Learn From the Field

Learn from your customers and the field. Sales reps get notified on which content their peers use and which is performing best with their prospects.

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