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Liz Ryan, Contributor at, warns management against utilizing the out dated dictatorship style of management and the effects it can have on your business during this age of the Knowledge Economy in “Command-And-Control Management Is For Dinosaurs.”

Jenny Rothenberg of Business 2 Community provides some useful tips for B2B firms that are trying to implement video marketing into their marketing plan in her post, “B2B Video Marketing Tips.”

Former Google worker Dan Pratt breaks down the answers to three of the most commonly asked AdWords questions that he received while working for Google in his article, “Confessions of an Ex-Googler: 3 AdWords Questions I Answered Most Often.”

Cara Hogan of InsightSquared discusses the recent drop in SaaS valuations and offers a few recommendations for adjusting your business strategy accordingly in her article,“It’s Time To Adjust SaaS Growth Expectations.”

Marketing Consultant Ann Janzers helps you place new customers on the right path for long-term success in her post, “4 Steps to Creating a Launch Plan for Your New Customers.”

Kevan Lee of Buffer breaks down the psychology behind some of the most efficient and happy teams and what you can learn from them in his post, “The Psychology of Teams: 9 Lessons for Running a Highly Efficient, Highly Happy Team.”

Angela Stringfellow of Docurated asks content marketers and analytics pros to explain which KPIs, in their opinion, provide the most insight into a content marketing campaign’s success in “70+ Content Analysis Experts on the Key Metrics to Measure for Content Marketing Success.”

Tyler Basu of thinkific gives a complete blue print for hosting your own webinars and discusses the impact it can have on your sales in “The Complete Blueprint To Selling On Webinars.”


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