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Samantha Stone of The Marketing Advisory Network puts you on the path to achieving more effective marketing outcomes in her article, “5 Sales Habits Disrupting Marketing’s Ability to Drive Revenue.”

Angela Stringfellow of Docurated reveals a few of the major trends that are positioned to make the biggest impact in the 2016 digital marketing year in “72 Marketing Pros Reveal the Biggest Digital Marketing Trends for 2016.”

Peter Gasca of Startup.SC addresses a prevalent problem on how to measure your marketing reach and impact for your on-demand content consumers in his post, “Brands Must Embrace Cable Cord-Cutters for Marketing Effectiveness.”


Carlos Russo of SchoolKeep encourages companies to take the next in customer relations by building customer education programs into their business in his post, “6 Reasons You Need A Customer Education Program.”


Molly MacDonald of InsightSquared helps you get the most out of your operating benchmarks in her post, “Sales Ops: How To Get The Most Out Of Benchmarking.”

Matthew Barby of HubSpot realizes that many people in the B2B world would prefer to do business with someone they already know and offers a few tips to help you leverage this to your advantage in his post, “3 ways to use the ‘familiarity bias’ for maximum B2B engagement.”


Business Development Consultant, Michael Gass offered some interesting agency positioning advice in “Ad Agencies: How to Lose the Fear of Positioning”

Jami Oetting of HubSpot put together a helpful list of “10 Gmail Plugins That Make Agency Life Easier”

Procter & Gamble Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard explained to AdAge that he expects a greater end to end integration from digital agencies in “P&G’s Pritchard to Agencies: Your Complexity Not Our Problem”

Jason Compton of iMeetCentral peers into his crystal ball in “The future of brand management”


Andreas Claudi, VP at Atos Digital pinpoints the ingredients of a successful digital transformation in “VP Atos Digital: what are the building blocks of digital transformation?”

Jeremy Bergsman of CEB examines the role of enterprise architecture teams in business transformation in “How EA Teams Can Support Business Transformation”

Jane Downes of Insigniam looks at what being a transformational leader entails in “Leading the Way for Transformation: Dedication to Innovation”

Leadership expert John Mattone discusses how progressive leaders are moving away from conventional leadership culture in “The Transformation Imperative Collaborative Leadership is Key For Future Success”


Elvis Lieban of Samepage explains how to kickstart a collaborative culture in “How to start a collaborative culture – 5 ways to get started”


Stacey Thornberry of Marketo shares some actionable aligment tips in “Dynamic Duo: Close More Deals with Sales and Marketing Alignment”

Mark Emond of Demand Spring outlines how you can get sales and marketing working as one in “Six key steps to marketing and sales alignment”

Falon Fatemi of Forbes explains how account based marketing is the future in “Account Based Intelligence Is The Future Of Marketing And Sales — Here’s Why”


Tim Bridges of Capgemini explains “How to Instill A Culture of Digital Innovation”

Forbes Contributor Adrian Bridgwater covers Microsoft’s plan to integrate a new type of platform into its products, which it has coined “Communications-as-a-Platform (CaaP).” You can read about Microsoft’s plans to join the power of human language with the applications we use in “Microsoft’s Next Platform: Windows, Azure, Office 365… Conversations.”


Robert Reiss of Forbes brings together the CHROs of Tiffny & Co., Aflac, and Amedisys to dicuss culture in “Top CHROs Discuss Culture In A Digital World”

Bert De Coutere of the Center for Creative Leadership pinpoints the “5 Things You Can Do To Shape Your Company’s Culture”


Greg Alexander, CEO SBI, and John Myers, CEO Rentokil sat down for a wide ranging discussion on “How to Develop and Execute a Revenue Growth Strategy”


Carro Ford of Xerox wonders what’s next for the digital enterprise in “What’s Next for the Digital Enterprise? Five Steps to Move Beyond Small, Isolated Pockets of Automation”

Russ Riggen and Mayank Agarwal of CIO Dashboard put forward “9 Reasons Your Enterprise is Not Agile, Yet”


Jason Shepherd, Director of strategy and partnerships at Dell provides an interesting overview of Dell’s new IoT and partner strategy in “Dell’s IoT Strategy and Partner Programs: Part One”


Candis Roussel of B2C shares some insight on post-merger brand startegy in “How to Convey a Unified Brand Message After a Merger or Acquisition”

Former CIO and renowned author Dewey E. Ray provides some clarity on the merger and acquisition process in “Demystifying the merger and acquisition process”


Marshall Van Alstyne, Professor at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business recently took part in an insightful AMA which covered areas like product differentiation strategy and the network effect.


Performance strategist, Matt Mayberry explains the “8 Things Exceptional Thinkers Do Every Day”


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