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Joe Lim of Avention encourages you to first make the most of existing customer and prospect information before investing in external resources in his article, “Are You Sitting on a Data Goldmine?”

Emily Stanford of Salesforce discusses the benefits of channel partnerships and how to secure their continued success throughout the partner lifecycle in her post, “How to Ensure Success at Every Stage of the Partner Lifecycle.”

Kaleigh Moore, Writer for SumoMe, guides you through the different ways you can utilize psychological studies in your writing to better connect with your target audience and increase sales in “Why Do We Buy? Because Of These 5 Secret Pyschological Triggers in Copywriting.”

Issue Magazine Plus gives your business an inbound marketing facial uplift in this infographic, “Pillars of Inbound Marketing that no one ever taught you!”


Jim Marous of The Financial Brand explains that “Not All Millennials are Created Equal”

Kristina Paulauskaite of Docurated provides a few tips on creating a financial advisor marketing plan in her post, “How to Develop a Winning Financial Advisor Marketing Plan.”

Philip Ryan of Bank Innovation reports on the “hackathon” being held by Bank of the West in “ Why is Bank of the West Hosting a Hackathon? To ‘Learn, Learn, Learn’”

Ruth Arber of MediaPost outlines “How Financial Services Brands Can Engage Customers With Paid Social”

Barre Hardy of CMG Partners explains “How To Apply Agile Marketing In Financial Services”

Laura Shin of Forbes poses some interesting questions about the future of the financial services industry in “Blockchain Developments Show How Quickly Financial Services Could Be Transformed”


Strategy consultant, Robert Solomon analyzes the small margins that separate winning and losing new business in “The Ruthless Pursuit of “No” and Other Rules of New Business”

Kaleigh Moore, Writer for SumoMe, guides you through the different ways you can utilize psychological studies in your writing to better connect with your target audience and win new business in “Why Do We Buy? Because Of These 5 Secret Pyschological Triggers in Copywriting.”

Yuyu Chen of Digiday examines why “Agencies are so bullish on VR they’re eating some of the cost to convince brands”

Alexandra Jardine of Ad Age appreciates the creative ideas behind Droga5’s new ad for cocunut water in “Droga5’s Ad for VitaCoco Delivers a Karaoke Performance Like No Other”

Sydney Ember of The New York Times examines the evolving media landscape in “Ads Evolve Into New Forms as Media Landscape Shifts”

Owner and CEO of Blue Apple, Vishal Anand shares how he set up a successful agency in “Three Principles That Helped Me Achieve My Entrepreneurial Dreams”


Lucia Moses of Digiday on “How The Washingtonian grew homepage traffic by 18 percent”

Alex Moazed of Applico explains why “Snapchat is the New LinkedIn for Tech Start Ups”.

Joe Flint of WSJ taps into the broadcasting strategies in “ABC Turns to Comedies, Seeking Ratings Rebound”.

Kristina Paulauskaite of Docurated provides us with the“Top 20 Marketing Technology Blogs” for the savvy, innovative and forward thinking marketers.

Robert Grainger of Publishing Executive sheds some light on how “Vulnerable to Digital Upstarts, Publishers Should Invest in Incubating New Ventures”.

Matt Kates of Adage discusses why Cracker Jack Fans should “Let go of the past and embrace the future” with the new digital surprise replacing the nostalgic physical surprise at the bottom of the box.


Marcus Jewell of Brocade examines the role of IT in business transformation in “Unlocking the Power of Digital Transformation: Freeing IT from Legacy Constraints”

Cory Crosland of CIO explains “How CIOs can guide digital business transformation”

Meghan Martinez of GadgetsMagz analyzes Salesforce’s vision for enterprise transformation in “Salesforce reveals secret recipe for digital transformation”


Authors Judah Pollack and Olivia Fox Cabane outline an interesting mind trick that can boost innovation in “Your Brain Has A “Delete” Button—Here’s How To Use It”

Brant Cooper of Moves The Needle outlines “4 Seeds for Planting Lean Startup and Continuous Innovation in the Enterprise”


Roland Smart of Oracle explains “How to kick-start ‘agile’ on your marketing team”

Michael Mamas of Entrepreneur provides some interesting and counterintuitive ideas for business leaders in “5 Mental Shifts That Allow You to Do Less But Accomplish More”


Tom Searcy of SellingPower outlines “4 Ways to Be a More Audacious Seller”

Forbes take a deep dive into Nike’s new revenue strategy in “Here’s How Nike Is Innovating To Scale Up Its Manufacturing”


Former SunMicrosystems CEO Scott McNealy talks about merger and acquistions twith Forbes in “Former Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy’s New Focus On Social Media Innovation”

Rajesh Makhija, chief marketing and M&A officer of Mphasis explains “What Can Help Make a Merger or Acquisition Succeed?”


Erin Walline of Entrepreneur explains “5 Tips for Driving Valuable Customer Experiences Through Company Culture”

Larry Alton of Forbes identifies the main roadblocks preventing companies from creating innovative cultures in “When Will Modern Office Culture Become Obsolete?”


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