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Nancy Grace of iDigic outlines “9 Tips for Storytelling Success on Social Media”

Janakiram MSV of Janakiram & Associates discusses the key attributes of serverless computing, a new hot topic among both startups and enterprises, in his piece, “What Defines Serverless Computing?”

Rebecca Sandberg of Sales Globe explains the importance of considering both people metrics and performance metrics in your sales compensation dashboard in her post, “The 5 Cs of People and Performance in Sales Compensation.”

Renata Bell of Marketo Blog discusses how cross-selling can play an important role in developing an effective customer retention strategy in “Lessons from Financial Services: Cross-Sell to Your Customers Without Pushing Them Away.”

Vitaliy Verbenko of Helprace reveals several of the most common customer service mistakes made by businesses both online and in person in his article, “10 Customer Experience Mistakes Businesses Are (Still) Making.”

Jen Gray of Extole begins a two-part discussion on optimizing your referral program for mobile use in her post, “How to Design Your Mobile App for Referral (Part 1).”

William Harris of Sellbrite guides you through a few tips and tools you can use to help you master social media for ecommerce and get more ROI for your efforts in “The Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet for Ecommerce.”

Angela Stringfellow of Docurated breaks down the fundamentals of a sales strategy and how companies are utilizing them to achieve results in her piece, “Sales Strategy Planning: 5 Types of Sales Strategies for High-Level Planning and Focus.”


Jonathan Abrams of Mediashift explains “How Publishers Can Drive Traffic with Email Newsletters”.

Martin Lindstrom of Fast Company shares an opinion how technology has abolished the “transition zones” between work and leisure—and with them, much of our inspiration in“How Your Low Tolerance For Boredom Might Be Making You Less Creative”.

Yuyu Chen of Digiday on how 6 second videos aren’t long enough to convey the message in “More than half of top Vine influencers have left the platform”

Lori Curran of Adage gives us the top 5 “Best Practices on How to Maximize custom content ownership” and it’s exactly how you would expect it to be.

Kevin J. Ryan from Inc. uncovers the secrets of “How to Attract 2,000 NewInstagram Followers Every Day”

Scott McDonald of Publishing Executive wonders “How Can Publishers Use Data to Manage and Profit from Ad Avoiders?”


Michael Farmer writing for HubSpot assesses the state of agency management culture in “Madison Avenue Manslaughter: The Legacy of the Creative Revolution on Measuring Agency Work”

Mark Duffy of Digiday counts down “The best ads of 2016, so far”

Adage put together an all star panel to talk through the biggest challenges women face at agencies today in “Reunion Roundtable: Past Women to Watch Honorees Tackle Industry’s Biggest Challenges”

Amar Toor of The Verge reports that “Mobile ad blocking rose 90 percent last year”

Erik Wander of AdWeek explains the “3 Surprising Lessons a Major Nonprofit Learned When It Analyzed Its Advertising”

Martin Lindstrom of Fast Company shares an opinion how technology has abolished the “transition zones” between work and leisure—and with them, much of our inspiration in “How Your Low Tolerance For Boredom Might Be Making You Less Creative”.


Kevin Tynan of Liberty Bank for Savings explains how banks can “Eliminate Those Pesky Digital Speed Bumps”

Diana Asatryan of Bank Innovation reports that “Fidelity to Launch Robo-Advising This Summer”

Barry Liebert, Megan Beck, and Jerry (Yoram) Wind take a deep dive into how “How Blockchain Technology Will Disrupt Financial Services Firms”

Chandra Dhandapani, CIO at Capital One outlines “The Three Dimensions of Digital Transformation at Capital One Financial Services”

Anna Hensel of Inc explains “How 11 Successful Young CEOs Find Inspiration During Their Free Time”


Digital thought leaders Barry Libert, Megan Beck, and Yoram (Jerry) Wind explain that “To Go Digital, Leaders Have to Change Some Core Beliefs”

The Guardian analyze some of the key moments on a star-studded seminar on digital transformation in “CEOs need to entrust digital transformation to their IT leaders”

Capgemini explain how to drive transformation and become an insights driven company in “7 Guiding Principles of Insights & Data”


Sean Captain of Fast Company looks at the innovation taking place in Siemens in “Siemens Is Building An Army Of Collaborative Spider Robot Factory Workers”

Tech editor Harry McCracken examines big company innovation in “How Charles Schwab Fought Back Against The Robo-Adviser Startup Invasion”


Bryan Rusche of SoapBox offers some valuable tips for “Improving Sales and Marketing Alignment”


Glenn Llopis of Forbes outlines the “5 Ways Great Leaders Cultivate Wisdom In The Workplace”

Katherine Chen of Dialpad explains how to build a culture at your company that can deal with change in “Change management tips for the modern enterprise”


ITProPortal report that “Two thirds of CIOs now tasked with bringing revenue”

John Turner of TriNet sets out a revenue growth plan in “100 Days to a Winning Sales Culture”


Roger Martin of HBR pinpoints why so many mergers and acquisitions fail in “M&A: The One Thing You Need to Get Right”


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