Docurated's Revolutionary Active Directory File-Server Integration.

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Integration PicDocurated recently announced the introduction of a revolutionary active directory file-server integration. With complete Active Directory/LDAP Integration, Docurated can instantly transform legacy file servers and cloud-storage platforms into one customizable knowledge suite. Docurated not only adds an intelligence layer to cloud-storage platforms such as Box, Dropbox, Sharepoint, and Google Drive, but also manages local file and folder systems. With Docurated’s all-encompassing approach to document management, users no longer have to worry about a multiplicity of file locations. Instead, Docurated provide one searchable database that directly addresses the problem of organizational inefficiency. Now with full file-server integration, Docurated not only quickly provisions all of your users, but mirrors all of your Active Directory permissions dictating what files they can access. Docurated can instantaneously perform this task – one that would take months for an IT department to replicate.


Speaking about the introduction of the Docurated File Server Transformation Solution, CEO Alex Gorbansky explained that “file servers and shares remain some of the most prevalent content repositories across all enterprises. IT departments seeking to unlock the value of their trapped content by moving to a cloud-based file sharing solution have to manually recreate their entire file and folder structure, permissions settings, and workflow, over many months resulting in massive management overhead and costs. That is, until now. With Docurated’s File Server Transformation Solution, IT departments can give users the benefits of a rich cloud-based knowledge solution while preserving existing permissions. The whole process requires zero infrastructure change, thereby dramatically reducing cost and drawing more economic value out of existing file shares.”

With the release of the File Server Transformation Solution, Docurated differentiated themselves from a crowded marketplace. Docurated is now the only solution that goes beyond basic user level provisioning to provide granular file-level access control and permission mirroring. The File Server Transformation Solution contains a lightweight agent that indexes content and reads Active Directory and LDAP permissions. The Active Directory integration is set up through a simple, guided process and leverages existing identity management systems, mirroring file system access settings with absolutely no extra IT department effort. All permissions based on existing Active Directory/LDAP settings are automatically inherited by Docurated. Synchronisation between systems is maintained and Docurated will reflect any changes made, including auto-provisioning and deprovisioning of users and groups.

The full capabilities of the Docurated File Server Transformation Solution have already been realized by Havas Worldwide, one of the largest integrated marketing communications agencies in the world, made up of 316 offices located in 75 different countries. Alexandra Wood, Global Digital Product Director at Havas Worldwide, has spoken about how Havas Worldwide “took an old file server with years of content and quickly transformed it into a robust knowledge center”. With Docurated, Havas Worldwide were able to keep their existing infrastructure and security settings and give their widely dispersed team, what Alexandra Wood termed, “a powerful way to find and share their most valuable information.” With the Docurated File Server Transformation Solution organizations can make a seamless transition to cloud-storage. Docurated, Alexandra Wood stresses “is truly a game-changing solution for any team considering a move to cloud file sharing.”


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