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MARKETERS, IT’S TIME TO START THINKING LIKE I.T.  “The partnership between IT and marketing is in its infancy, but now it has to grow up, and fast. Companies have until 2018 to upgrade the digital security of their martech systems, or risk hefty fines in the event of a data breach. This was the conclusion of RSA’s CMO Cybersecurity Report, issued in August of this year. ” – William Terdoslavich @dmnews

WHAT TO CONSIDER WHEN CHOOSING ENTERPRISE COLLABORATION TOOLS  “As collaboration needs grow, more options are beginning to sprout up. Here are the features to think about when selecting the enterprise collaboration tools for your organization.” – Reda Chouffani @healthcareITGuy

MARKETING + TECHNOLOGY + MANAGEMENT – HYPE = MARTECH  “I have an allergy to hype. I know, that’s an unfortunate condition given that I’m in the field of marketing technology. It’s like being a lactose-intolerant maître fromager. Luckily, the symptoms are relatively mild — mostly involuntary rolling of the eyes and rapid finger twitching on the delete key. But I also have an addiction — I admit it — to stories of how marketing is changing.” – Scott Brinker, Chief MarTec @ChiefMarTech

MAKE THE CASE THAT CX TRANSFORMATION IS BOTH IMPORTANT AND URGENT  “Customer experience (CX) is finally gaining the attention it deserves, with 84% of companies seeing CX as a higher priority than they did two years ago. But there’s a disconnect when it comes to executing CX transformation, and the underlying issue is a lack of executive buy-in.” – Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian, Samuel Stern @Forrester

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: IT’S NOT A DESTINATION  “Here we are, in the second half of 2017 and ‘digital transformation’, as an industry term and practice, is mainstream.” – Karl Harvard @Econsultancy

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