Docurated Makes Dropbox Better

Untangle Your Dropbox Files

  • Increases the ROI of your Dropbox investment
  • Seamless one-click integration
  • No additional setup or infrastructure costs
  • No workflow changes required of users

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Improving your Dropbox Experience

Dropbox is a cloud solution that is great for storing content and information. Finding and using the content stored in Dropbox isn’t easy. That’s why Docurated is such a great addition to your Dropbox experience. Docurated makes it simple and fast to find what is stored and hidden in Dropbox.

Finding and Using Content Stored in Dropbox

Problem: How to quickly compare the most relevant files so you can make quick decisions.

Solution: Docurated automatically indexes each element within a Dropbox file. It identifies the most relevant items, and visually displays pages, paragraphs, charts and slides (without opening native applications) so you can quickly skim through search results and locate what you need.

See Inside the Files

Problem: Dropbox organizes content using a traditional file-and-folder structure so you can only see thumbnails and file titles. 

Solution: Docurated visually displays individual page content so you can navigate search results, and copy content without having to open any files.

Content in Multiple Places?

Problem: Dropbox is often just one place where employees store content.

Solution: Docurated connects Dropbox and any other repositories where your content is stored. We connect and index everything!.


Q: How do I integrate my Dropbox account with Docurated?

A: Simply point and click. After granting access to your Dropbox account, simply select any or all of the files and folders you would like to use within the Docurated platform.

Q: What happens after integration with my Dropbox account?

A: Docurated analyzes your Dropbox content and extracts words, concepts, and events to determine the user’s function and industry. When a search phrase is used, synonyms and descriptors are found. Results are displayed by relevance based on content and context.

Q: Why do I need Docurated? I have Dropbox.

A: Dropbox is a fantastic storage tool. With substantial space for free accounts and additional available for minimal cost, Dropbox is a perfect answer for your cloud storage. So what will Docurated do? Docurated lets you use the assets you have stored. It is not good enough to have good content, you and your coworkers need to be able to quickly and easily find information for use and reuse. Docurated does just that. Search, surface and repurpose content in as little as 20% of your previous search time.