Docurated Podcast Episode 1: How to Implement Your Sales Enablement Vision

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Welcome to episode 1 of the Docurated Sales Enablement Podcast series.

kLED3BthIn today’s episode, Docurated CEO and co-founder Alex Gorbansky sits down with Infoblox’s Daniel West. Daniel is a Global Go-to-Market Strategy, Business Development & Operations Enterprise Software Executive at the company and is one of the leading figures in enablement today having previously created the enablement function at Informatica.

Alex and Daniel cover sales enablement in some depth. Topics covered include enablement strategy and the tactics leaders should use to implement their vision. To hear more of Daniel’s sales enablement expertise, give him a follow on twitter @DJWest75

Sales Enablement & The C-Suite

Alex kicked off the discussion by asking Daniel What is the relationship that you should be driving between enablement and the c-suite?

Daniel outlined his unique take on enablement. He explained that the expectations that the c-suite has for enablement is to really create the environment for profitable growth. There are a number of different elements here:

  • Sales Productivity: How do you make sure salespeople spend the least amount of time on admin tasks and maximize their time having conversations with prospects? There is also the effectiveness side to consider that they are having really valuable conversations with prospects which lead to opportunities.
  • Equipping Your Go-To-Market Organization With Knowledge and Information: If you have great technology and you invest a lot of money in R&D and understand the needs of the market but do not have an effective way to take this knowledge to the market you will not succeed.
  • Driving Change: Enablement can be strategic and drive behavioral change within the sales organization which is highly valuable to the c-suite. If you can’t change and adapt to changing market conditions then you probably won’t last very long.

Sales Enablement Driving Change

Daniel went on to explain how driving change can be the hardest part of enablement. To drive change you can’t be trying to drive too much change at the same time. If you have a focus that is a good thing. Secondly, you need to have a number of critical ingredients to a successful change initiative:

  • Good Vision: You need to understand where the gaps are between the current state and the future state. You have to be able to paint that future state in a way people can get behind it and support it.
  • Right Incentives: You have to have the right incentives in place for people to want to take on change. Change requires work and if your incentives plan is misaligned your initiative will suffer.
  • Skills: You have to ensure that people have the skills to succeed in the new environment you are trying to create. You have to have a very clearly defined action plan.

Daniel further explained that the most fundamental tactic in driving change involves having the vision and being able to align people with this vision. Communication with your team is also vital around why you are doing it and what’s in it for them.

Sales Enablement Buy In

Alex asked Daniel how he gets the buy-in for his enablement initiatives from his go-to-market organization. Daniel explained that the first step is defining the improvement that they can expect to see. Part of the role of enablement is not just maximizing sales productivity but also identifying roadblocks.

Daniel went on to cover the metrics and datasets he uses to communicate with the c-suite the value of enablement. He pinpointed two types of metric:

  • Leading Indicators: Things like consumption and adoption of tools etc.
  • Lagging Indicators: Metrics like productivty per rep, average selling price, new rep onboarding time etc.


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