Docurated Podcast Episode 4: Sales Enablement Strategy

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In episode four of the Docurated Podcast, we speak with Thierry van Herwijnen, Director Global Sales Enablement & Operations at Wipro and host of The Sales Enablement Lab Podcast.

0934ff8Theirry is a global sales, enablement and operations leader with 20 years experience. Some of the highlights of his impressive career include:

  • Delivered consistent 130%+ profitable growth for a portfolio of new logo / hunting accounts.
  • Created a $200M+ sales pipeline, by changing the conversation from technology led to business value led. Developed associated training curriculum.
  • Realized $4M cost savings in 6 months by centralizing the role of sales enablement and associated business processes across 12 departments. Built business case and gained approval and funding from executive team.

In this episode Thierry and Fergal discuss:

  • What does sales enablement mean?
  • How to develop and execute your sales enablement vision.
  • The future of sales enablement

To hear more of Thierry’s insights, give him a follow on twitter @tvanherwijnen or tune into the excellent Sales Enablement Lab Podcast.


What does Sales Enablement Mean?

Fergal kicked off the discussion by asking Thierry to provide some clarity on what sales enablement really means. Thierry explained that sales enablement is still an evolving field, “I look at sales enablement as a strategic cross-functional discipline designed to increase sales and enhance productivity. We try to do that through an integrated selling system which not only equips reps but also sales managers with the skills, tools, and content they need to have valuable sales conversations with the right customer at the right time.”

Thierry continued by explaining what he considers to be a valuable sales conversation. The first part of a sales conversation is what we call “why change”. So it is about sharing insights with your customer about why now is the moment to change. Why do they need to change their systems, why do they need to make the investment. The first part of the conversation is there to break through the status quo and convince your customer that they are ready to change. The second part of the conversation is about why they should make the change with you. If you are selling a particular solution or technology, you need to convince the buyer why they should embark on the journey with you. Our role as enablement practitioners is to equip our sales teams, managers, and leadership with the right tools to have those conversations.”

How to Develop a Sales Enablement Vision

Thierry explained that: “you should try to develop a wide vision that will give you enough runway for the next 1-3 years. Try to understand where your business is going and develop a strategy and vision that really enables your company’s growth. Once you have a vision which everyone buys in to, it is time to be more realistic. You should identify things you can execute on in the first 6 months to 1 year. You should sit down with regional leaders and get to understand their priorities and come up with specific plans to help them execute on their priorities.

Fergal then asked Thierry about sales enablement ROI. Thierry responded saying: “Your first step is to understand from a business point of view – where has the budget shifted in the organization. Second, work with that team and understand how their impact is being measured. Try to craft something that is as close aligned to their success as possible.”

Click on the soundcloud above to hear the interview in full.


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