Docurated Podcast Episode 5: Content and Sales Enablement

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In episode five of the Docurated Podcast, we speak with Thierry van Herwijnen, Director Global Sales Enablement & Operations at Wipro and host of The Sales Enablement Lab Podcast.

Theirry is a global sales, enablement and operations leader with 20 years experience. Some of the highlights of his impressive career include:

  • Delivered consistent 130%+ profitable growth for a portfolio of new logo / hunting accounts.
  • Created a $200M+ sales pipeline, by changing the conversation from technology led to business value led. Developed associated training curriculum.
  • Realized $4M cost savings in 6 months by centralizing the role of sales enablement and associated business processes across 12 departments. Built business case and gained approval and funding the from executive team.

In this episode Thierry and Fergal discuss:

  • How to build your sales content library
  • How to develop and scale your content library.
  • The future of sales enablement

To hear more of Thierry’s insights, give him a follow on twitter @tvanherwijnen or tune into the excellent Sales Enablement Lab Podcast.


Sales Enablement and Content

The conversation began with Fergal asking Thierry about his thoughts on sales knowledge management. Theirry explained that: “regardless of where you are in the sales cycle, you need to equip your reps with materials to have valuable sales conversations. The critical point is that it is across the entire sales cycle. What do you need to do to prospect an opportunity, what are the insights you can share at the beginning of the sales cycle, all the way to the value in what you can deliver as a solution and finally working together with your customer to get a case study.”

Fergal also asked Thierry how any company can keep up to date with the enormous volumes of content being produced today. Thierry explained that you cannot do everything. The first area to look into is how do you prioritize this enormous task. At Wipro, Thierry maintains a content library of over 18,000 assets. The challenge, according to Thierry, “isn’t so much about creating the content, but keeping the content consistent and up to date. One of the first things you can do is work with the leaders and try to understand which products, which solutions generate the majority of the revenue. What you typically see in an organization is that 20% of the products generate 80% of the revenue. That might be your first stick in the ground. The second conversation to have with the leadership team is to ask what are their future peiorities. By understanding the comapnies priorities you can add those prioritiy items to your list as well.”

Content ROI

Fergal also asked Theirry about content ROI. Theirry explained that they measure their success in two areas and to identify these areas they asked reps where they need help in. The first area reps wanted help with was preparation for sales conversations. Typically, they don’t have a problem positioning the product but they do have a problem making it relevant to company they are selling to, learning context and speaking the language of the particular industry. The second area reps need help with is with materials they can use to prepare prospects for the sales conversation. Thierry explained: “reps are not looking for 20 different presentations, all in a different font size and a different color where it takes hours to put them together. What reps need are short decks they can quickly put together to create tailored presentations.”

Click on the soundcloud above to hear the interview in full.

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