The same forces that disrupted so many businesses, from consulting to publishing, are reshaping the world of financial services. The pattern of disruption is familiar; new competitors with new business models arrive; a disrupter whose product was once barely good enough achieves a level of quality acceptable to the broad middle of the market, undermining the position of longtime leaders and often causing the “flip” to a new basis of competition.

Disrupters are on the attack because most incumbents have failed to capture customer input effectively when developing new products, reviewing existing processes, or assessing new business models.

The Cost of Ignoring Customers in Financial Services

Frustrated customers and lost deals0%
The Competition Takes Market Share0%
Wasted Budgets0%
Unproductive Employees0%

How Docurated Helps

To compete and win in today’s world financial services companies need to become customer centric. By working with customers and listening to their concerns, the financial services leader’s of tomorrow can drive the development of innovative and differentiated product offerings and customer experiences that customers value highly.

Connect with your Customers

It’s critical to deliver client experiences that feel connected, memorable, and personal. Docurated uses data analytics and machine learning to empower advisors with the best content for their situation.

Deliver Compliant Presentations

All advisors have access to the same approved collateral from any device. Version confusion is eliminated and your team uses only content that is compliant and up to date.

Document Automation

Presentation Builder enables bankers and relationship managers to assemble on-brand, tailored content, filled with customer data, at the click of a button.



Easily manage presentations so that only the most current and approved messages are available.

Maintain Formatting

Extract pages and elements from presentations and proposals for use in new material, maintaining approved formatting without additional work.

Control Messaging

Docurated provides a centralized hub for all your documentation to be seamlessly pushed to your selling network so that only approved messages and presentations are used in meetings.


Insight Engine

Get the most suitable content into your team's hands when and where they need it.

Free Your Content

Search through content from any repository and avoid being trapped in applications and repositories.

Simple Presenting

Docurated Presenter makes sharing simple and smart. Remote control during live presentations ensures you're on the same page with your audiences.



Marketing has visibility into how content is being used in the field

Leverage Success

Relationship managers know how content is performing in the field and can refine messaging accordingly.

Higher Performing Team

Benefit from the content others have used to close deals.

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