Financial Services Sales Training: 10 Great Free Online Resources

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The financial services industry is undergoing a considerable transformation. Regulatory reform, new technologies, and the increased mobility of the modern client are changing the face of the industry.


The impact these changes have had on financial services sales should not be overlooked. New business strategies, processes, and tools are needed to succeed. To achieve success with the next generation of clients, financial services sales agents, advisors, and representatives need to master a new set of behaviors and leverage the latest technologies.

A difficult challenge to sell financial services lies ahead, but – with the right training – it is one that can be mastered. To kickstart your financial services sales training, we decided to put together a list, in no particular order, of our top 10 free online training resources. We have included classic sales training guides as well as other materials which provide the context you need to succeed when selling financial services today.

1. How To Master The Art Of Selling Anything
financial services sales training

While not strictly geared towards financial services, Tom’s ideas on how to sell ‘anything’ are hugely valuable. At 47 minutes, this video is worth your time. Hear Tom explain how you need to be passionate about your product to succeed. If you wouldn’t pay for the financial services you are trying to sell, you need to reassess your priorities. A lack of passion reveals itself quickly in a highly competitive industry like financial services and wealth management.

2. Sales Training And Business Development Skills For The Next Generation Of Financial Advisors
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Michael Kitces is one of the most sought after speakers in financial services. With graduate degrees in taxation, financial services, planning, consulting, and underwriting, Michael’s credentials are impeccable. This guide from earlier this year excellently lays out the business development skills financial advisors need to succeed withthe next generation of clients.

3. Building a Customer-Centric Model in Financial Services
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Hemant Jaiswal is a proven leader operating in management consulting and financial services. He is currently the director of Perficient’s Financial Services practice managing the firm’s wealth management vertical and client centricity competency, where he is responsible for delivering relationship management solutions spanning the customer lifecycle.

In this post, Hemant outlines the importance of a customer-centric model and the role of technology in financial services today. He explains how you can deliver the type of experience clients now expect. This resource provides financial service sales agents and advisors with the context they need to succeed today.

4. Matt Oechsli: Speaker on Sales, Marketing and Performance in Financial Services
sales manager financial services

Matt Oechsli is a keynote speaker; best-selling author, trainer, and personal coach who has helped financial professionals in the realm of client loyalty, sales, marketing, personal and business performance for over 25 years. This short video is a must watch for financial advisors and sales agents. In under seven minutes, Matt outlines how, with the right approach to selling financial services, you can make the most of the opportunities that come your way.

5. Stacking Benjamins
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While not strictly concerned with financial services sales training, this podcast provides an invaluable insight into the mindset of the millennial investor. Taking an irreverent approach to financial services, the Stacking Benjamin’s podcast includes episodes like “Funny Money with The Standup Economist Yoram Bauman”. Expertly handled by host Joe Saul-Sehy, this podcast will help you understand the next generation of investors, their primary concerns, and the type of client experience they expect.

6. Right Brain Selling – Financial Services Tips
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Frank Furness is an international motivational speaker, trainer and author. His credentials include 20 years of exceptional business success in sales, management, training and consulting and is a social media specialist. In this short video, Frank provides an overview of how “right brain selling” can help you succeed in the financial services industry. The areas covered in this video include visuals, storytelling, questioning, and service. Frank offers up some great examples of how you can use these tactics when you meet with clients.

7. Millennials Want to Manage Wealth Relationships Digitally
financial services sales training best practices

Elizabeth Dias is an experienced technology marketing strategist focused on the financial services and retail industry at Perficient. In this blog post, Elizabeth focuses on the latest research which shows how millennials want to manage their wealth through digital means. It is not just millennials who expect a digital client experience. Elizabeth points out that “nearly two-thirds of clients with at least $1 million or more in investable assets expect to manage most of their wealth relationships digitally in five years.” This post gives anyone selling financial services a useful insight into the state of the industry and where it is heading. Keep in mind the research presented by Elizabeth as you participate in sales training.

8. What Makes Great Salespeople Great
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Bill Brooks is something of a legendary figure in the sales world. He has many strings to his bow including corporate coach, visionary, entrepreneur, and speaker. In this video, Bill outlines the qualities that make salespeople great. Bill, in his trademark humorous style, outlines how you too can be great. The qualities needed to succeed include definitive of purpose, motivation, self-management, and accountability. This video is well worth including as part of your financial services sales training program.

9. Zig Ziglar – Attitude Makes All The Difference
FInancial services sales training tips

Zig Ziglar was one of America’s most famous motivational speakers. He also excelled as an author and a salesman. In this video, Zig points out how attitude is the starting point when it comes to selling. In under 10 minutes, Zig explains that when it comes to sales “you are not going to change anyone else until you change yourself.” Taking on the ideas put forward by Zig in this video are a great way to get the most from your financial services sales training program.

10. Philip Calvert – Professional Speaker on Social Media Sales Strategy (Conference extracts)
Social Media and Financial services sales training

Philip Calvert is an expert on social media and how it can be used in the financial services industry. This video puts together some of the highlights of a conference presentation on social media. He outlines how consumers are more informed than ever when it comes to personal finance because of the internet and social media. It means that the role of financial advisor has changed slightly but has not been diminished in importance. Incorporate this video into your financial services sales training to learn how social media fits in with your sales strategy.

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