Delivering A World Class Client Experience At A F500 Financial Services Company
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”This is pretty awesome! Very intuitive and easy to find the things I frequently have to click 100 times to get”
– COO at one of the World’s largest financial services providers

Wealth management firms use Docurated’s content relevance and content automation solution to ensure their advisors are delivering up to date and fully compliant client materials. The result is that advisors have more time to spend meeting clients and providing a higher touch more personalized experience.

The Challenge

  • Advisors struggled to teach their clients new insights, they were not experts on markets or products lines and were not able to differentiate the firm.
  • Advisors wasted time chasing down marketing materials and put the company at risk by not knowing if those materials were up to date and compliant.
  • Advisors searched the public internet for materials.
  • Leadership wanted to provide advisors and wealth managers with access to all the latest videos, pitch books, data, charts, and fact sheets.


The Results

Leadership introduced Docurated as an intelligence layer to sit over all existing content repositories, providing teams around the globe with a single access point to the most relevant content.

  • One place to go to retrieve information. Advisors and other content consumers have just one place to go to retrieve information. Advisors no longer struggle with searching through email and numerous other repositories.
  • Providing clients with world class advisory experiences. Marketing and other content producers share content with wealth managers and advisors, expire it, know if it’s relevant, tailor it and know if it gets used via a customized portal.
  • Building books quickly by winning more clients. Collateral/Content version confusion was eliminated ensuring Wealth Managers only use fact sheets, pitch books and client review documents that are compliant and up to date.
  • Always compliant and always up to date content. Expired content is automatically purged from the solution never to appear in a document again. Content can be automatically pushed to teams and wealth managers can subscribe to receive notifications when new content from their preferred thought leaders is released.
  • Simple to share relevant content with clients. Advisors can access any collateral through a tablet device and compliant and approved content can easily be shared with clients as a PDF.
  • Simple to rollout, use, and no disruption to workflows. Docurated was made available without changing workflows, and the user interface was customized and embedded into the applications the team already used.



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