The Future of Enterprise Search

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Search pic2The scope of enterprise search is expanding. For any enterprise search solution to succeed in today’s enterprise, it must go well beyond the traditional boundaries of enterprise search.

We know that content storage is – and always will be – heterogeneous meaning content-management-based systems can not solve today’s content challenge. Enterprise search systems then, with connectors to all content stores, offer the best chance at success.

But, there is so much more to consider here. The challenge today’s enterprise wants to solve is multifaceted.


Relevance: Companies need a relevance-driven search solution that uses input signals from many sources and includes deep crawling of content and metadata sources, relationships and taxonomies extraction, and real-time change detection – to provide a holistic picture of relevant content.

The approach adopted by leading enterprise search solutions like GSA based on the amount of links into any one document will not suffice. A content relevance based ranking presents the best content for each situation and leverages signals like freshness, publisher, content popularity, opens, time, and pointers.

Usage Metrics: Companies need visibility into the way content is being used. CMI research shows that 30-50% of marketing budget is being spent on content and marketing leaders need a way to justify this spend. It is important to be able to show which pieces of content demonstrate ROI and – perhaps even more important – which pieces of content don’t. Only by learning how content is being used can the enterprise learn from and improve on their mistakes. Without a feedback loop, invaluable tribal knowledge gets lost.

Content Recommendations: With so much content available, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact piece of content for each sales situation. By leveraging content metadata and other usage inputs, next generation enterprise search solutions should be able to provide companies with content recommendations for each worker situation better than any human ever could.

As we can see from the above requirements, enterprise search is expanding to include machine learning, relevance algorithms, content analytics, and predictive content recommendations. When you think about the requirements we already laid out earlier, it is clear that enterprise search is in the process of an exciting transition and is beginning to cross over into areas like content management and sales enablement.

The future of enterprise search is a more complete solution that brings together the most vital components of enterprise search, content management, and sales enablement to provide a solution perfectly attuned to today’s highly sophisticated and content heavy enterprise landscape.


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