24 Sales Pros Reveal the Most Effective Sales Pitches for Closing Deals

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Is there such a thing as a perfect sales pitch, or even a perfect sales technique? There’s certainly no one-size fits all solution, but sales pros sometimes hone their craft by studying the approaches of top sales professionals and adapting those ultra-effective techniques to their own style.


Still, there’s much to be learned from examining some of the most unique, innovative, and impactful sales pitches that have been used by top sales professionals to consistently close deals, exceed quotas, and smash goals. To gain some perspective into these proven sales pitch techniques, we posed the following question to a panel of 24 sales professionals and thought leaders:

“What is the single best example of a highly effective sales pitch you’ve used or know of that closes deals time and again?”

To find out what sales pitches blow even the pros away, read our experts’ responses below.

Meet Our Panel of Financial Services Pros and Marketing Experts:

Spencer X Smith Spencer X Smith


I’m Spencer X. Smith, former VP of Sales at a Fortune 100 company turned digital marketing entrepreneur. He also teaches business planning and Internet marketing classes at the University of Wisconsin and has conducted over 3,000 in-person sales meetings.

“My mentor in sales taught me the ‘3 Magic Questions,’ and used in this order, they’re great for closing deals…”

1. “What do you like best about the product/service you have right now?” Write down the things the prospect tells you. Be patient! Allow the prospect to talk through it.

2. “Wave a magic wand. What would you change or enhance about the product/service you have right now?” Write down the shortcomings of their current solution. Be patient here too. It will take a bit for the prospect to realize what he/she really wants.

3. “If I could show you a way to keep all the things you like (name the positives the prospect cited) and enhance those things you would change (name the shortcomings of the current solution), would you consider the solution I show you?”

The third question is absolutely critical. Often, the prospect might simply be conducting a due-diligence search and have no intentions of changing anything. Following the first two questions, question number three is much more effective. Instead of asking something like, “So, are you interested in changing?” right away, questions number one and two help both you and the prospect ascertain if future conversations make sense.

Barry MaherBarry Maher


Barry Maher has appeared on the Today Show, NBC Nightly News, and CNBC, and he’s frequently featured in publications like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the London Times, Business Week, and USA Today.

His client list includes organizations like ABC, the American Management Association, Budget Rent a Car, Canon, Cessna, Fox Cable Television, Fuji, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lufthansa Airlines, Merck, the National Lottery of Ireland, the Small Business Administration, Verizon, and Wells Fargo.

His books include Filling the Glass, which has been cited as [One of] The Seven Essential Popular Business Books, by Today’s Librarian along with books like The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and The One Minute Manager. His most recent book, the groundbreaking No Lie: Truth Is the Ultimate Sales Tool, from McGraw-Hill, has been translated around the world.

“My favorite sales pitch and one that works incredibly well goes like this…”

Are my hourly consultation rates [or anything else] expensive? Absolutely. And why do I charge so much? Because I can. Because my clients aren’t just willing, they’re happy to pay those kinds of rates for the results I generate. Can you find someone else who can do the job for less? Absolutely. I’ll give you phone numbers. Of course, I don’t know a lot of companies that charge less if they could charge more, but maybe they’re humanitarians.

Or maybe the clear implication is (because you never have to denigrate the competition) that they charge less because that’s all their clients are willing to pay for the results they generate.

Jessica MagochJessica Magoch


Jessica Magoch, CEO of JPM Sales Partners and the Virtual Sales Academy, has a Bachelor’s from NYU and, after building a $40M sales team in corporate America, shows entrepreneurs, with her proven sales methodology and interactive online training course, how to master and enjoy their sales conversations to make sales easy, authentic, predictable, and repeatable.

“For the most effective sales pitches that will close deal after deal, the best tip I have is to…”

Make sure you understand the emotional and logical reasons your customers buy. Most people focus on the logic, which is a secondary decision maker. This involves understanding the buying process from your client’s perspective so you can help move them to yes, even though human nature is to keep things the same.

Siamac RezaiezadehSiamac Rezaiezadeh


Siamac Rezaiezadeh is a Sales and Pitch Consultant with 10 years of experience selling technology to businesses. Siamac is also the author of Sell Me This Stylus.

“The single best sales pitch methodology that I use, time and time again in my role as a sales consultant, is the following…”

1. Begin with the big picture or big idea. Use this to set the tone for the meeting and to orient the room to you.

2. Position yourself and your connection to the big picture. This enables you to start building a narrative around yourself.

3. Define the problem:

  • First, identify the problem.
  • Then associate some numbers with it.
  • Explain what this means in human terms (from the ‘bottom-up’ again).
  • Deepen the problem and explain why it is a really big issue.
  • Deepen it again and explain why it is a huge issue.
  • Deepen it further and explain why it is one of the biggest issues facing your audience today. Really, you can’t go deep enough.

4. Introduce the idea that others are trying to solve this problem also. This enables you to position competitors early on.

5. Now solve the problem yourself and introduce your value proposition.

6. Offer social and technical proof points.

7. Talk about your solution in human terms (this complements the high-level proof points you have just offered).

8. Offer a reason why now is the right time to buy by talking about the past, where we have come from, what is happening now, and what will happen in the future.

9. Touch on your team.

10. Withdraw from your pitch and ask the room to qualify themselves back to you.

If I had to narrow all of that down to two things, it would be the start and the end. A good sales pitch starts with a high-stakes big picture and ends with asking the room to qualify why they should be a customer. The latter seems difficult at first, but once you figure out how to phrase it you won’t look back.

Neej ParikhNeej Parikh


Neej Parikh is a Sales Director working for a late-stage startup company, Zuora. He has been in enterprise sales for the last 7 years and has had an extremely successful career at Oracle and Zuora, with multiple promotions year after year. He has been nominated Top Performer, MVP, and has been awarded President’s Club many years.

“One example of an incredibly effective sales pitch that closes deal after deal in software sales is…”

You (the customer being pitched to) live in a world where product is no longer the central focus of your business; it’s your customer. Your business needs to transform in a way to make the customer your epicenter and for multiple sales channels and products to revolve around that customer. This is the only way to achieve growth, increase ARPU (average revenue per user), and reduce churn. This fundamental shift is happening now, throughout many companies around the world, and we have the answer to it. That being said, I’m not sure if your company is ready to make the investment.

The thought process behind this is:

1. The customer vs. product statement is extremely powerful because that’s how Wall Street is giving valuations to companies today – predictability. All companies want a higher valuation.

2. They have to go through a major business transformation – business process, people, and systems.

3. Create a fear that this shift is happening now and the customer that you are speaking to is going to be left behind.

4. Negative Reverse: Tell them that you don’t feel that they are ready to make this move. This makes them want your software more than ever. They don’t want to be left behind.

Works all the time.

Jeff GoldbergJeff Goldberg


Jeff Goldberg is the founder of Jeff Goldberg & Associates, offering sales training programs, sales manager training, and outsourced sales management designed to help you achieve measurable and sustainable sales increases.

“The best sales pitch I ever saw was…”

As someone with 42 years of sales experience, 14 years of sales management experience and who spent the last 13 years as an international sales trainer, I can tell you it’s not about the pitch. The thing that closes deals, time after time, is an effective sales process based on the fundamentals, used well and used consistently. Closing is the natural outcome of the sales process done right. In other words, if you do everything else right, deals should close…not every time, but WAY more often than if you do what the typical salesperson does, which is pitch their clients.

The best sales pitch I ever saw was when a guy was selling Ginsu knives from a display at a Sears store. I’m not kidding; his pitch was brilliant and worked great, however, that was 30 years ago. Today’s buyer is educated due to the Internet. Old-style pitching is no longer effective. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to effectively present your plan to a prospect, but there’s MUCH more that has to happen if you’re going to consistently close profitable business.

Marianne PestanaMarianne Pestana


Through her entrepreneurial experience, extensive experience as VP of Sales, consulting business, and leadership coaching, Marianne Pestana has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, businesses, brands, corporations, and non-profits to improve their image and make their presence known within their desired markets. The publicity services that she offers have gained her clients coveted media attention in national, international & local media, print, and radio.

As radio show host of Moments with Marianne at Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network & WMEX 1510AM Boston, she brings a transformative hour that covers an endless array of topics with the ‘best of the best.’ Guests are leaders in their fields, ranging from inspirational authors, top industry leaders, scientists, and business and spiritual entrepreneurs. Each guest is gifted, and a true visionary! As recognized leader in her own work, and while teaching others to develop, refocus, and grow; Marianne brings the best guests, and sometimes a special surprise.

“The most effective sales pitch incorporates one thing…”

Address all of the client’s possible objections in your opening presentation. When this is done, it takes those objections off the table and allows room for real discussion to take place. Dealing with objections is really dealing with the client’s fears about you, the company you work for, and your products or services. When objections have been dealt with effectively in your opening presentation, it removes those concerns, allowing room to engage in real conversation and the opportunity to obtain business.

Jacqueline DarnaJacqueline Darna


Jacqueline Darna is the CEO and medical inventor of a natural anti-nausea product, NoMo Nausea, that won surgical product of the year nominee in 2015.

“Here’s an example of a really effective sales pitch proven to close deals…”

Hi, I’m Jacqueline Darna with a company called NoMo Nausea, the first and only natural way to stop nausea, vomiting, headaches, and migraines instantly for adults, kids, and now dogs too. Imagine a life with a comfortable pregnancy, an enjoyable day at sea, a fun family car trip, or just a headache- free day. That’s what the NoMo Nausea Band can do for you. How many would you like?

Grab 100% of your audience’s attention by invoking a feeling that they have experienced before. Once intrigued and engaged, then the sale sells itself, so ask for it!

Michael BremmerMichael Bremmer


Michael Bremmer is the CEO of Telecomquotes.com. He has specialized in telecom/tech for over twenty years.

“There is NO silver bullet, but here are a few things that help tremendously…”

1. Listen to your customer, intently, like an NYPD homicide detective, never interrupting your customer and only asking smart questions after it’s OBVIOUS they’ve finished their thought.

2. Smart questions close. “What do you see the next step is?” or “How would you define a successful install?” or “When would you like to start?” It’s really not that hard.

3. Finally, don’t be afraid to use bet the farm questions. It’s like asking a girl to marry you; all the pain is in the asking.

The best sales pitch…is one in which the customer sells themselves. A prospect asked me once, “Why should we go with your company; you’re much smaller than the big company?” I closed the deal with this question (and yes, this is a true story):

“Haven’t they been screwing you for the last 20 years, and isn’t that reason I’m actually here?”

Garrett MehrguthGarrett Mehrguth


Garrett Mehrgut is the president and CEO of Directive Consulting, a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, PPC, and content marketing serving mid-enterprise level firms. Garrett, however, is a one-man sales team.

He has been published in Moz, Convince and Convert, Wordstream, Raven, etc. and spoken at MozCon Ignite, General Assembly, PeopleSpace Innovation Labs, SoCal Code Camp, and more.

“The greatest sales pitch includes highly relevant case studies and references…”

If your target customer can truly envision what you will deliver and believe in you because you have done it time and time again, you can sell on value and not on cost. Data and prior success are the best sales team I have ever met.

Geoff SharpGeoff Sharp


Geoff Sharp is the Owner and Founder of Sharper Impressions Painting Company. Sharper Impressions performs exterior and interior painting jobs for residential and commercial buildings in five different markets around the United States including Columbus, Atlanta, Kansas City, Indianapolis, and Nashville.

“I think a high effective sales pitch is when…”

You respond to your customer immediately.

We are able to get a leg up on our competition by having our sales reps follow up with the prospective customer within a 5-minute timespan during business hours.

Obviously, it is important to craft your sales pitch so you hit on all of the main selling points that your business has to offer. If someone is interested in your product or services, making sure you sell them your services quickly is crucial.

Jennifer GarciaJennifer Garcia


Jennifer Garcia is Partner & CEO at Red Bamboo Marketing.

“There are two highly effective sales pitch methods that we use to close deals time and time again…”

1. Mini digital audit – we conduct a 15-minute audit of prospects’ online presence (web, social, other) to point out the areas where they need improvement. We have developed a very simple process for this and everyone on our team can do it – and pick out the areas to go in for the sale. Works every time. Because the truth is that most companies really are not up to speed on digital marketing – believe it or not!

2. Pilot – so with larger enterprise businesses we work very hard to understand their high-level business priorities, the aligned marketing priorities, and finally what is on the mind of the person we are pitching. Once we uncover what is on his/her mind, we offer a way that they can look like a hero. We don’t go for the 1st or 2nd projects on their mind but rather focus on the 3rd or 4th priority and define a very measurable pilot project, which if successful can get rolled out wider.

Emily LyonsEmily Lyons


Emily Lyons is the CEO of Femme Fatale Media Group.

“I have found the best sales pitch is one made once you have…”

Established a connection. When contacting a new potential client I reach out to the boss of the person I need to speak with first. They will usually direct me to this person, and then when I contact them I say, “Mr.__ thought it would make sense for us to speak in regards to our staffing services.” Now their boss has given the instructions for us to speak and it makes them all the more interested to listen. Works like a charm!

Jaclyn GoldmanJaclyn Goldman


Jaclyn Goldman, B.Sc.Hons. is a Sales, Marketing and Business Development Professional and Author of the The Travelling Saleswoman Blog.

“The effectiveness of a sales pitch is completely dependent on…”

The product or service you are selling and who your customer is and the approach will and should vary significantly. I can suggest however, some general tips to make your pitch most effective which are outlined below and discussed in my article, titled Why Salespeople are Suckers for a Good Sales Pitch.

1. Get the buyers attention: Whether it is an action in person or a question you ask on the phone (i.e., something that would be relevant to help their business).

2. Ask your buyer some basic background information which you can use as a platform to sell your product and LISTEN carefully to their response.

3. Adapt your pitch to the buyer and make the product relevant to them. This can be done through illustrating facts, telling a fun story, or even through the use of humor.

4. Once you identify the buyer is interested, ASK for the sale. If asking for the sale is inappropriate (i.e., you are not with the decision maker) then ASK to proceed to the next stage in the buying process (i.e., setting up a meeting with the decision maker, arranging a demonstration etc.).

In contrast, I have also written about The Worst Pitches I’ve Ever Heard.

Jim HerstJim Herst

Jim Herst is the CEO of Perceptive Selling Initiative, Inc., and helps businesses build sales and accelerate cash flow.

“Sales pitches vary of course. The key is…”

The opening – this to gain a prospect’s willingness to listen/consider. Once attained, holding interest is obtained by indicating differences from the expected and through use of carefully worded questions. A simple attention getting opening can be: “I’m in an unusual business, may I tell you about it?” The seller’s next part MUST isolate and identify an available uniqueness.

The principle to close can be in two steps. First, ask for a commitment, one that extracts a realization of an obtainable benefit. Next, take Action; do or say something that indicates buyer acceptance.

Using the two steps as a guide, creating the right words as an Action has served well in constructing effective closes. If the Action step generates a Balk, the seller must have words for use to return to the presentation, adding more reasons for prospect consideration and discussion. Then repeat the process.

Rufat QuliyevRufat Quliyev


Rufat is the owner of YourIncomeAdvisor.com, where he helps others start in affiliate marketing. He blogs about SEO, social media, email marketing, niche marketing, and other topics related to affiliate marketing. He also helps others by exposing scams and reviewing top-rated products.

“Through years of affiliate marketing I found that the best sales pitch that closes deals again and again is…”

The one that you use in order to help people solve their problems. So, my main focus has always been and will be on my audience that is waiting for my honest opinion about the service or product that I’m trying to promote.

My approach is super simple:

1. Whenever I promote a service or product, I do my best to get as more info as possible on the product. Most of the time I try the product myself to see how good it really is.

2. I always give my realistic opinion without any exaggeration.

3. I never promote anything purely for the sake of money.

4. Most of the time I try to promote products that allow a free trial.

5. I try to honestly answer all possible questions that can come to their mind.

6. I add real testimonials to my sales copy whenever it’s possible without giving any false promises or using misleading techniques.

7. I always add a gentle call to action to my sales copy.

Barney CohenBarney Cohen


Barney Cohen has more than 40 years of experience in starting and operating businesses. From a single retail record store, he built one of the largest wholesalers of prerecorded music in the world. Once Barney’s company (Valley Media) reached $900 million in sales, he took it public. He now helps businesses manage their growth and take with companies to the next level. Read his story here.

“What has worked for me in terms of creating the most effective sales pitches for closing deals again and again is to…”

Carefully go through my sales pitch in an exact order every time. First I explain the product in enough detail so the customer knows exactly what he/she is buying. Then I go through the benefits asking for engagement every step of the way. If my potential customer is still with me, I tell him/her the cost.

There are times when potential customers fall out because it becomes apparent to either of us that what I am selling is not a good fit for them. But this step-by-step process has produced consistently good results for me time after time.

Jesse HarrisonJesse Harrison

Jesse Harrison is the founder of Zeus Lawsuit Funding, the leading provider of lawsuit settlement funding in the United States today. Zeus Lawsuit Funding is one of the only settlement funding companies in the nation to provide hassle-free and affordable lawsuit funding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Based in Los Angeles, California, Zeus Lawsuit Funding operates on a national level and helps individuals all over the United States get the settlement funds that they need without worrying about how they will pay it back later.

“The best sales pitch deals with numbers and does not involve…”

Puffery. People can tell puffery from a mile away, but when you show them solid numbers, they will be convinced. For our business (lending), we show the potential clients, by numbers, why it makes more sense to borrow from us and pay an interest than settle their lawsuits early and receive a lower settlement. When they see the numbers, they are convinced.

Debra Ann MatthewsDebra Ann Matthews


Debra Ann Matthews serve business owners, Veterans, college graduates, 50+ workers, and ex-felons. Let Me Write It For You helps hundreds to understand the nuances involved with job search.

Her expertise has been shared with the American Psychological Association, the Mind Your Business Radio Show, The National Resource Society for Women’s Veterans, the Black Career Women’s Network, and with the Small Business Association. In addition, she was recently quoted on NBC Chicago, Canada’s Calgary Sun, Monster.com Latin America and Yahoo UK.

“My best and most effective sales pitch for closing deals includes…”

Asking a client, “So tell me about your resume needs?” They talk.. Then I say, “So (and call them by their name), Jane, John, Jim, let me explain to you how our services work. We work with motivated job seekers and career changers. And what that means is that we will work and we also expect you to work, completing a brief questionnaire and participating in a consultation where we ask you questions about your accomplishments, achievements, and successes. The best way to answer the questions will be to think of the things that you and your team accomplished that make your proud.”

Keep in mind that employers want to know #1 Can you do the job? #2 Can you get along with the people at the job?, and #3 Can you bring something of value to the company? And your resume, cover letter, and other career communications will answer the question, “So what?”

And then I say, “You will receive our welcome kit which includes worksheets, free books, and bonus interview letters. And you level of investment will be $357 $457 $557 $657 …. $1057…

“What’s your email address? Let’s get you scheduled in for your consultation. Which days work best for you? We will consult after you verify your email address and take care of your invoice.

“We look forward to working with you.”

Ta da!!

Jeremy LordJeremy Lord


Jeremy Lord works in business development for LD Studios, a software company based in Atlanta.

“I spend a lot of time composing different pitches and seeing which tactics work best. Here is one with a great success rate of responses…”

LD Studios – Female Owned Web App Developers: Creating a New Legacy

Web applications are an essential asset for any sort of organization to reach out or tap into new and additional resources. We are LD Studios and we love connecting with people for that purpose; we relish seeing where we can help them accomplish their goals. As a firm, we pride ourselves in our ability to scale applications, and we have really adopted this concept into our own life-blood. Our mission is to grow and scale properly, and we love seeing our clients expand into new territories.

The beautiful part of this mission is that it has actually adapted into more than just developing business, but developing our community as well. We designate 10-15% of our profits to building our community, like helping the W-Underdogs of Atlanta create homes for the ever-growing homeless dog population or building a therapist locator application for the LGBTQ community. It’s not just our mission to grow, but for our city, our economy, and our country to grow with us.

We’re in the people business (thanks Michael Scott), and we would love your help to reach as many people as we can to spread this positive pay-it-forward type of thinking. I am certain that with our team of skilled developers being led by our female CEO that we can will continue to open new doors and possibilities for our economy and our community. I really appreciate your time for reading this, and if you have any questions about how we do business here at our Ponce City Market office, please don’t hesitate to email me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Jason ParksJason Parks


Jason Parks is the co-founder of DermWarehouse, an e-commerce site providing high-quality skin care and beauty products while offering customers a uniquely complete and positive online skin care experience.

“One of the best sales pitches I’ve ever heard is…”

We are in the process of building an e-commerce site that sells dermatological products. We are being very selective in the brands we sell. We spoke with the marketing manager for one of the brands and she did such a good job of pitching her product and why we should offer it on our site that we added it onto our list of “maybes.” Two days later, we received a sample in the mail along with a personalized card from this person. We now plan on selling this product on our site and the dermatologist who is a partner of our site is considering selling it has his practice. Her pitch was outstanding and the best one I’ve ever heard.

Jim EspositoJim Esposito

A professional Sales Person over 20 years, nobody knows Fort Lauderdale better than Jim Esposito. Learn more about Jim at Fort Lauderdale Beach Property.

“The best sales pitch ever was given by…”

Vito Corleone to the band leader who was holding Johnny Fontaine’s contract.



Don SturgillDon Sturgill


Writer, Dreamer, Believer. Friend of Entrepreneurs. Don Sturgill lives in Bend, Oregon, but helps clients worldwide with effective copy and compelling content.

“Here’s an excellent example of one of the most effective sales pitches for closing deal after deal…”


1. The prospect has a problem you can help solve.
2. You and the prospect have identified the problem.
3. You have positioned yourself or your company as having the solution.
4. The only remaining objection is price.

(For this example, I’ll using sales growth as the end result of taking action and $8,000 per month as the realized potential.)

The Conversation:

You: Can we agree that not doing something about [the problem] is costing you either way?

Prospect: Yes, I know it is.

You: It will certainly take time and money to provide the solution, but ask yourself this: “What if I do [solve the problem], what will that mean to me monthly in terms of increased sales?”

Prospect: About $8,000, I’d say.

You: Okay, $8,000 x 12 = $96,000 annually. Over the next 10 years that would come to $960,000.

Prospect: Wow. That’s true.

You: Do you really believe you would get more sales if you were able to [solve the problem]?

Prospect: Of course I do. I know it’s true.

You: Then, these numbers are not fiction. To stay where you are will COST you about a million dollars in lost revenue!

Prospect: Ouch!

You: Now, working with [me or my company] will require $4,000 per month for 12 months. That’s all it will take to solve your problem.

Tell me, wouldn’t you gladly exchange $48,000 for a MILLION dollars?

Prospect: In a heartbeat.

You: I would too… (shake hands with the prospect). Let’s get started!

Donald GlacyDonald Glacy

Donald Glacy is the Chief WOW Officer at Crossroads, delivering concierge class conversation through chat, text, phone, and email.

“Hands-down, the best example of an exceptional sales pitch sure to close deal after deal is…”

FountainForward.com. This guy has the best pitch because of his process of qualifying clients through his WIT test. Check out the videos on his site.


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