How Docurated Drives Revenue at Tapjoy

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tapjoy-logoTapjoy, provide a Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform for mobile apps which uses market-leading data science, user segmentation, and predictive analytics to drive deeper engagement and optimize revenue from every user.


Having delivered their one-billionth app install in 2015, Tapjoy have experienced unprecedented growth in the mobile app space. Tapjoy’s SDK is embedded in more than 270,000 apps with a global reach of more than 520 million monthly active users.

As Tapjoy grew, so too did the volume of content at their disposal which brought with it a number of challenges.

Before Docurated

Before Docurated, Sales, Marketing, and Pre-Sales teams at Tapjoy had to search through the company intranet, Google Drive, and local storage before they could locate relevant content. As a result, RFP creation was a time-consuming chore. For even one-off requests, Sales had to lean on Pre-Sales and Marketing for support.

Marketing at Tapjoy had no insight into what content was being presented in the field and no way of measuring content performance.

Furthermore, with geographically dispersed Sales teams, Tapjoy needed to find an effective way to disseminate information and ensure brand consistency in their sales materials.

The Docurated Solution

To meet the content challenge, Tapjoy deployed Docurated as a way of simplifying their complex content infrastructure. Instead of searching through Google Drive, company intranet, and local storage, users can now log onto Docurated and search for content right down to the page level – regardless of where it is stored.

Tapjoy uses Docurated to:

  • Tell the right tailored story to win the deal
  • Instantly surface marketing-approved content
  • Measure content performance
  • Push approved content straight to Sales
  • Attach content to opportunities in Salesforce
  • Quickly ramp up new reps

Leigh Flashnick, Sales Director at Tapjoy, explained the Docrated impact: “I think the search functionality is amazing. I am new and love going in and seeing past proposals and collateral that had been shared – this will really help me ramp up.”

The Results

With Docurated, Marketing and Sales teams at Tapjoy have a new way of accessing information without having to undergo the pain of content migration. Docurated accesses content where it lives.

Instead of wasting valuable time searching through multiple repositories, teams now instantly locate the content they need through Docurated’s Google-like search function which indexes files right down to the page level.

Marketing: With Docurated, the RFP creation process at Tapjoy has increased in both efficiency and effectiveness.

  1. Docurated’s highly visual search capabilities mean Marketing can surface the most relevant materials instantly.
  2. With clear visibility into how content is performing in the field, Marketing can now create RFPs with proven ROI.

Sales: Sales teams now use Docurated’s PowerPoint Template feature to ensure brand consistency. For one-off requests like case studies, AEs no longer need the support of Marketing and Pre-Sales, instead they are quickly able to locate winning materials themselves through Docurated. Docurated for Salesforce allows reps at Tapjoy to work straight from Salesforce and attach documents to accounts and opportunities.

Pre-Sales: With Docurated, content is more discoverable and easy to repurpose meaning Pre-Sales can focus on revenue generating activities instead of wasting time searching for content.

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