How to Build Client Relationships in Wealth Management

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student-849821_640What can financial services companies do to build relationships with modern investors?

Telling the right story at the right time is the key here. While investment in tailored content is increasing, legacy infrastructures make accessing this content impossible. Without a way to access the latest videos, pitch books, and fact sheets, financial advisors are not able to provide the personalized experience needed to win business today.


Luckily, there are new and disruptive next-generation software services the most innovative wealth management companies are using.

These platforms must feature:

  • Relevance-Based Search: You need a solution that integrates with all your repositories and provides a Google-like service for instant access to all your files.
  • Analytics: As the importance of content grows, you need to find a way to measure and analyze your efforts. The next generation of collaboration tools provide insight into which content is associated with winning deals allowing you to replicate winning behaviors across the financial organization.
  • Collaborate: Advisors should be able to collaborate quickly and easily with other teams.
  • Go Mobile: Financial advisors need access to the most up to date financial information even when they are on the move.
  • Version Control: Document version confusion is an annoying headache. Provide your team with tools that only circulates fact sheets, pitch books and client review documents that are compliant and up to date.

Evolve or Get Left Behind

The financial services industry has entered a defining period. A generational change that is far from straightforward is underway. The impact technology has on the next generation of investors should not be underestimated. The instant gratification offered by services like Netflix and Amazon has raised the bar for client expectations in wealth management.

Personalization is the norm. Financial advisors need to arm themselves with the most innovative systems to meet the digital needs of the modern client. Failure to do so will not be tolerated by Millennials.

Wealth management firms can gain inspiration from leading innovators in other industries. Docurated works with the leading firms in wealth management and private banking and is helping them reimagine their business and connect with clients in a whole new way.

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